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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Peak District Cycling Trip ♥

I follow the Peak District Cycling that organized by my Uni on Monday. It's a free trip for all the TARC student who come over to SHU..
So all my frens also not hesitate to join it but yet it's only small amount of student join this trip=)

Attire of the day..
i know i know, it's doesn't looks like i m going to sport right?
haih..even my fren ask me is it going to shopping..swt =='''

inside the souvenirs shop, here is the gift and souvenirs=)
it's very very cheap i think..XD, at least not EXPENSIVE..XD

well, after getting our bike, start to take photographs d..XD

me and Kc, the notty monkey=)

me me me..nice huh?=)

the road where we ride our bike..
this road consider stable one, some road we ride on it is very very dangerous as it's full of pebbles><'''

eeping on the road!! yeah~~

me n yankees=) SN, =)

there is a GAP between me n her..
it's because
she is wearing GAP..lolz
**okok. lame joke**

picture credit to Meng Hua..
but my face looked soooooooooo chubby=(

Group photos=) take 1..

take 2=)
this photos taken after our lunch break=)
take 2=)
take 3=))

taken by my little baby PinkCa..haha
Sn said this so called Bokeh=) is it?

we past thru the bridge=)

on the road=)

1st time sit on the dry weeds, it's feels not really good as it will make ur body itchy, but nice experiences=))

her old symbolic pattern=)

this is new one, Arghh!!!
she getting really wild d=)

with COWS=)
different with Malaysia's cow k?=)
the color different..lolx

By, Wt, Fb, Jl and Sn=)

testing the Bokeh again..dunno wat she's doing...lolx

inside the souvenir shop, i bought myself a postcard=)

After finish cycling, get myself a feels soooooooooo good=)

So, this trip is really fun and it is my very first time cycling in such a big park with nice view, nice feels and nice cold-fresh-air..First time cycling till shivering as that day is really a cold day..
Awesome and fun trip for me although after finish the session, my leg wasn't my leg at all cos we cycling for 35KM...OMG!!!

ok, here the end of this post=)
I m going to bed soon..
Tomoro having a presentation session, wish me luck people..
Good luck to my sweetheart for her exam=) Ga yao ar!!!

p/s: Jolin, so sorry as i shldn't get so near to you that time, i'm blaming myself for getting too near to you and caused you get bigger impact on the fell down..I'm so panic and dunno wat should i go when u fall so sorry=(
I hope your wound will really getting well very very soon..
Sorry T.T

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