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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I dun feel like blogging but somehow, my heart direct me to come^^
so just did some update about today..these are the activities i did today..

Today, wake up at 9.18, go for class at 10 *just walking distance about 10mins*,
presentation in the seminar *presentation like shit*,
going ot John Lewis searching for perfume*a shopping mall*,
come back home,
cooked Maggi mee for lunch + egg + vege * mee imported from Malaysia..hihi*,
skype with My dear,
skype with my lovely sister,
Msn-ing with my sweetheart,
discuss assignment *end up chit chatting session* ,
call my dear to wish him Good Night + sleep tight + I love You,
online Facebook-ing,
reading other blogs,
msn with frens,
then here i am^^
Later wanted to take a short nap *not sleepy but just wanna sleep ~~teehee~~*


Good night for people in Malaysia^^

Enjoy ur beautiful night for people in Uk^^


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