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Thursday, April 28, 2011

ღ dating with my sweetheart ღ

Finally I got a chance to dating with my sweetheart.
Although just dates for few hours, but i think worth it. At least, we can spent time.
Sorry sweetheart, cos you have to mix with his friends. paiseh paiseh..
no more next time ya..

Just a simple dinner with you at Dragon - I, then dessert time at Tutti Frutti.
I know you want it. Cos I want to eat it too..
Still remember my first time eating this with you? its at pyramid. my very first time.
my second time also together with you, sweetheart..hihi

When we are together, there always have a camwhored session..hihi..


let the picture do talking ya =)

my dearest sweetheart

ღ its meeeee...ღ

Love this I4 apps..LEME LEME  ♥
sweetheart love it too ♥


picture of the day ♥

p/s: thanks for meeting me sweetheart..hugs.. and ths for keeping this date as a Secret dates..ngekngek~ 
hopefully next outing coming soon..XD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hi peeps, so long never update my blog d and it dead like a dead fish = /

yeah~ my blog so boring right? choice, busy working. Sorry, I admit I m not a good blogger. But I will try my best to keep updated so you guys can know me more alright? Hihi..

Well, I talk to bestie whole night yesterday. She keep complains to me again about her bf.

Sometimes, she tot of let go, but…she…..cant let a 5 years relationship. She loves him, but sometimes the way he bf handle matters, it’s very disappointing. He tells her, he’s not lying or hide up something that don’t wanna let her know, is just that he din mention it to his gf..wat’s does it mean?

Is it if I din mention something to you, means not lying? Yeah~ I agreed with that. But if got chance to say it out, but he dun wan to tell you, that is not dun wan to mention it, but is purposely dun let her know about it.

Sigh.. Life goes on, and people change. They no longer sweet sweet like last time. I can feel it either I m so far from them.

God blessed my bestie please.

To my bestie,
Honey, be strong. I will be with you all the time. Think about it! If you had made the decision, I will support you no matter what. This is so called bestie right? =D

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a story to tell

my bestie told me, after “something” happened between her n her bf, their relationship no longer like last time.
They always get argue-ing easily , she bcm very sensitive, he starts to hide up things or matters that happened to him, he din tell her. He started to think that not to tell her, which he dun wan she thinks too much.
My bestie feel a bit tired in the relationship already. But she still loves her bf. Sometimes, she thinks she will be good if her bf not around with her, just to maintain a long distance relationship is good for them. At least, won’t have any argument. However, she misses him too much too when he's not around, one at Singapore, her bf at Malaysia.

Sometimes, she knows that his bf got keep in touch with his EX or some girl’s friends. she tell me she's not jealous, but she think his bf always got smth hides up and never tell her. myb atlast that boy got tell my bestie, but but...
The worst thing is, her bf got thought of  DON’T want to tell her, cos dun wan she thinks too much. When i heard about this, i was like..what's in his mind? he really don't wan my bestie to think too much, or he dun wan to let his gf know? haha..feels like there are something then only dun wan to tell her right? i don't know how to help my friend. All i can do is just pray hard that their relationship can keep going.

God, blessed.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hi Singapore Peeps,

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

He's Back =D

My honey *bee* is back. woohoo~ gonna have good good time with him.. I don't care, I wanted to stick with him 25hours per day..XD haha
ngekngek~ he has no choice..hahahaha..

Welcome back, Andrew H.Y.M ♥♥♥ 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

5days to go =) You're back..

Countdown-ing 5days to go, and my honey *bee* will be back to myseid.. hihi..Gonna Finish another working trip already.

I miss You  ♥♥♥

ღ I Love You ღ

p/s: can't wait to the day you're back!!
tik tok tik tok~ time flies faster please...* big waterly eyes*

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yeah~ Finally =))

Today i got my Confirmed Letter already..Yippy~~

Its like FINALLY..
Normally, people will get confirmed after three months, but mine, 4months..tsk tsk..
Because, my pretty & capable manager too busy, untill no think of it.
Still, nevermind, at last i got it!!

I did it ^^

YES!!! i  did it. For the first job. Officially i got it ...oh yeah~ hihi..
This is my very first job once i stepped my foot into this REALITY..and i think i did quite well, ooops~ myb just nice.
Still a long way to go & many things to learn. I have to Gambateh!!


p/s: Gambateh sweetheart..You can do it!! You used to cheer me up with a sentences, during my exam period. Now i gave back to You.. [ If YOU think YOU CAN, YOU CAN!!!]
I have faith in you. come on baby! go get it!!! Good Luck ♥♥♥

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can I ask WHY?

Today i got two bad news. Guess what?
My two friends in the company told me that, they wanted to resign.
OMG~ I was like, so shocked when i heard it. They both are the best friend of mine in the office. They taught me alots of things and when i face problem in understanding the drawing or maybe other things else, they will teach me. cos They know that i scare to ask my manager. lol.
I feel safe, when they are here, cos i know i still got someone can help me. But IF they both leave me , then who shld I talk to? Who shld I asking those silly question in getting my understanding? Who shld i tell those lame joke when they was not around? Who shld i go to if i face something that I can't handle well?Who shld I talk to when I m bored?

Loo Siw Fa, Ms Loo, Siw Fa, or Fa Loo...
She is a very nice girl. She treats me so good since the day i get in to this company. And she just seated right behind me, so everytime if i got smth that i don't understand, i just turn around and ask her. And she will tell me each and everything, although she's very busy with her works. And everytime i can get documents in the Project file, she will help me and, just in a while, she gets it for ME, so i always tell her that, she's expert in finding documents =) then everytime i say so, confirm she will said, :"No la, just coincidently i got it only".
She's very humble and got some sense of Humor too..XD i always talk lame joke to her..haha..After i finish my jokes, she will show me this face =.=..hahaah..makes me laugh..XD
Siw Fa, Siw Fa... I already get used to call her name. suddenly, she left the company, How will I get use to the day without YOU?? no one can will help me find those docs i want, no one will helps to solve those things that i don't understand. What can i Do?
Although, i just know her for few months, but i can feel that, she's very nice and she's just typical office girl, who wish to work and go back home rest, no playing tricks to get higher position or get boss attentions. She is a very nice girl.  really hope that she wont go away. But, She already confirmed it with Irene, means she confirmed left already. A big big Thankew to you
Nothing i can do, but give you my BEST wishes. I wish You, will get a better job out there, wont feel so much stress, so pressure, and wont "zat" by people , only you "zat" people only..XD
Be more CONFIDENT in your capabilities, YOU ALREADY DO VERY WELL & YOU ARE NOT KNOW NOTHING!! hwaiting!!

Nichole, Ho Kim Fong, Ms Ho, Nichole meme...
She is the very first perosn i know in this company, as she's the one who guide me to the bus stop in the day I got interviewed. and She is the one who prepare all the stationary for me, she the one who always say good things about me in front of those management levels cos she's very close with them, she's the one who always give me encouragements, she's the one who always taught me things too, she's the one who accompany me jogging and said that want to diet together =), she's the one who stay very very near to me, she's the one who take the same bus together going back home everyday....She's just very very NICE to me ♥♥♥

Nichole, Thanks for being so nice to me. You taught me lots of thing, until i cant desribe it with words. I don't know how to show my gratitude to you....just Thanks..thanks... thanks...
You not yet make ur decision, so I hope, You'll stay. I really do..after Siw Fa left, at least there are still someone that i can hang out =)) and i can talk to...
However, You got Your dreams..Come on~ go chase your dreams. Wish all your dream will come true.  Hwaiting!

I hope...I really hope...
Both of you will stay, Y don't we just keep on going in this Way..silly thinking again..
Forgive me. I just wish both you of wont go away..Company need you guys.

I wish you two all the best in your new job and get higher salaries & bettter benefits..hahaa..*remember treat me dinner*
New job, new life..Come on~ You guys still can do well ya!!
Please don't forget me.
Thanks for everything...

人生就像是搭了一辆一直往前开的长途巴士,巴士上会出现许多不同的人,每个人都各自拥有自己的梦想。  一路上, 路旁会有许多许多的巴士站, 许多人上上下下。 今天你跟她们相遇, 是缘分, 她们跟你搭同一辆巴士,  并不代表永远都一样, 到了她们想停下来的站, 她们会下车, 也许你们的相遇, 只是她的转站点, 无人知, 但要珍惜, 因为得来不易, 不是每个人都有这份缘。 在分离的那一刻,你就只能带着一份浅浅的无奈与深深的不舍地跟他们招手, 说再见  和  祝福她们,明天会更好。 谱出属于你们自己的乐谱吧 ~ ♪♪♪♪♪
而我,还是一样,待在巴士上,看待着人来人往的旋律, 要知道, 有一天我也会下车。
笑一笑,你会发觉世界更美丽。 。 。
最好的祝福 来自  伊萍

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Duck duck 's bday =)

This is the very first time i celebrate Friend's bday in singapore.
Nest time will be Yao's bday.. woohoo~~ must give him some suprise..XD

okok, now talking about Duck duck's bday.
Actually, i know him long time already, Sean - a friend of mine intro him to me. however, we only get quite close recently=) fate comes already..XD
He's really a humour guy and he's very friendly & nice to everyone.
How gentleman he is, when i injured my leg, he offered me his arms..hahaha..use his arm to be my "Tongkat"

ok, now lets the pic do talking..XD 

Happy bday to you =))

Make a wish, make a wish

Here is the Bday cake =)

Cake kasi Potong ^^

Me & duck duck=))

He's 24 already =) old liao old least older than ME..ngekngek

edmund & duck duck^^

ask him take pic, paiseh paiseh pulak..

 tapi pattern banyak banyak~

 summore searching some tahan..

pepper also come out..XD

the cake  was quite nice =) Cookies & cream flavor.. can try ya~~

Happy bday to Duckduck^^ 
I wish him all the best in carrer, wish him fast fast get laid = get a gf..XD
Wish him looked so young always, wish him everything,...hahaa

It's complicated

Too long never update my blog already. Now, i dunno what's on my mind. it brings me here.It's complicated.
too many things happen,'s the routine of my life. 
Wake up, Working, reach home, watch movie, Sleep.
Wake up, Working, reach home, watch movie, Sleep.
Wake up, Working, reach home, watch movie, Sleep.
everyday doing the same thing, again & again..
Boring life..
I miss my study life, my college life. 
So, to you, whoever reading my blog now..Do enjoy ur study life till the Max..Cos you'll effin miss those time when u start stepping in to the Reality - Working Life..

Especially, you stay far away from your family.. your frens..and your loves 1..
Sometimes, i really wish that i m not working in Singapore, cos..sometimes i feel so lonely..I know all my frens were here. Will hang out with them during weekend. but...I miss my family..Seldom going back, cos the journey so far, and If i go back on friday after works, will reach my hometown about 11smth, my parents still need to pick me up. I feel guilty, so...i din do that way.. well, i did that few times. and I need to come back to Sg on sunday afternoon. The time i can spent at home is just

Sometimes, i don't know wat's on my mind. lazy...*lazyness attack me again*
I want to blog.but.dunno somehow, i stop, cos..lazy..*forgive me* 
I admit i m not a good blogger. Sooooweeee People. 

Many things happend, my life, my job, my lover & my frens. 

My life
I don't like my "routine" life, but what to do. People will grown up, people will step in wokring life, people need money to survive, people need money to satisfy demands & needs. people need to work hard to earn more $$$ to support themselves. I fall for it. Work hard, earn money, save money, give parents money. 
I do so, and it's become my routine life. I hate it.. so damn fxxking boring. I miss everything in student life. When you dun feel like wake up early in the morning for morning classes, Skipped it. Put my head back in my blanket. *I'm a bad student sometimes =p* But now, totally different case, kenot keep lying on bed no matters how the lazyness attacked you. sigh..Must straight wake up , and go for work..T.T *kill me*
If alwys MC or take leaves, people will not trust you, and it will not gain any point for your works performance.So, please dun ever try this. =) Well, I'm proud to say that, I am a good employee..hihi
Life must goes on, Working is a MUST, no job, no survive =)) Gambateh to myself..

My job
I kinda like my job, at least the replationship with my superior and my colleagues, consider not bad. At least, i won't feel so pressure or stress till i don't want to go my workplace. =)) thanks to everyone who take cares of my in my workplace. thansk my colleagues. HOpefully, my boss & my manager satisfied with my performance and give me more bonus..ngekngek~ 
There was 1 incident that, I flt so guilty to her. She worked in the company for almost 1year. Since the first day, i come to this company, i was told to replace her. Reason - She worked too slow, low productivity, many mistakes & main issue is Hard to communicate with others, language barrier. I feel so sorry to her. nothing to say. However, she left company last two weeks. She just disappear like tat..I still remember that Friday, My superior ask me told her go to meeting room wait for her. .then she lefted. Disappear just like that. 
So sorry for her.. I can't do anything. I sad. No one knows about it. I cried. I din tell anyone. Scare people will thinks I m silly. But.. i can't control myself thinking that, the reason she lefted, is because of me. T.T
Although, people surrouding me, told me that, not my fault, she being terminate, cos of her performance not good, not as expected. but my thinking is, IF, i am not here, she would'nt leave of fast or so suddenly. I pity her, she's getting old already, she's about 40+, still single and She's myanmarnese. Sigh..Sorry. Hopefully, you can get a better job. Pray for her.

My lover
He....working at oversea now. His job require him to do so. Few months only see him once. Since June 2010, I left to UK for Degree. He starts to work in Sg since July 2010. I was at UK, he's at Sg. Then, he's company acquired him to work on a project at Indonesia. He went there. I come back to Msia on Oct 2010. He's coming back for my sister wedding too. So we meet, for one week. then he fly again. This time to Algeria, another project over there. We din meet for 4months, we meet for 1week, then he left again on Oct 2010.  We missed Christmas & New Year. Both spending those occasions alone.
Second trip, he come back on Jan 2011, i meet him for 12days, he off to oversea again. He will be back soon on 12th April 2011. like almost one year, we only meet for not even one month. Well, I m in a Long-Distance relationship now. Woohoo~~ should i celebrate for it? haha..
He did this, cos of our future life. HE told me, all the thing he's doing now, is to give me a better life in the future, he wants all my friends jealous of me, cos i got a good life & a good husband who loves me so much. I know, it's sweet. But, i not sure whether i can do this for so long? i mean, its ok for 1 year or even two. but if longer time, i really not sure whether i can do this, waiting for you or myb you are the one who change first? i scared...T.T However, our relationship is stable now, so..all this is just some silly thinking of mine =) hahaha..

My friends
I m so glad that all my best friend in college all here. Hui min, Jolin & Wanting...all here.. of cos Bing yao & chee koon too..OMG~ my gang were all here.. it's gonna be a good good life here=) no need miss u guys. Normally, we meet once a week during weekend. Because weekdays working life very bored, so during weekend we will hang out and chit chatting, eating& shopping. However, because of their job, Yao * Cheekoon seldom join us. They worked at contruction site, kinda hard to finish work eary..haha..they always missed our outing..*pity*
I am not alone with you guys were here.hihi..I said this many times already, however, i still wan to say it Thanks for being my friends.

Wah~ i think i should stop here. Like writing essay already.. 350 words..haha

This is totally a Words Post. no picture is allowed=))

Cheers ~