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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yeah~ Finally =))

Today i got my Confirmed Letter already..Yippy~~

Its like FINALLY..
Normally, people will get confirmed after three months, but mine, 4months..tsk tsk..
Because, my pretty & capable manager too busy, untill no think of it.
Still, nevermind, at last i got it!!

I did it ^^

YES!!! i  did it. For the first job. Officially i got it ...oh yeah~ hihi..
This is my very first job once i stepped my foot into this REALITY..and i think i did quite well, ooops~ myb just nice.
Still a long way to go & many things to learn. I have to Gambateh!!


p/s: Gambateh sweetheart..You can do it!! You used to cheer me up with a sentences, during my exam period. Now i gave back to You.. [ If YOU think YOU CAN, YOU CAN!!!]
I have faith in you. come on baby! go get it!!! Good Luck ♥♥♥

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