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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

penang-ing soon^^

yeah~~tomoro i m going to meet sm1 at penang^^
yoyo~~excited wei...but scare oso cos i hav to go Alone...T.T
but nvm lar...i think i can handle this kind of situation..lolz..

penang..i m coming~~

p/s:i m sorry...truly..deeply...from the bottom of my heart...

First day back to my college life.."doucle senior" life begin...

Today, 25/5/2009--the beginning of my college life in Tarc again..and my double senior life begin today..^^

yeah~I am senior now..and double seniour summore..y?
haha..cos i m now im ABD2..So, i m the senior for the Diploma student and senior for ABD1..ahha..dis of wat we call " double senior"..lolz...

Exciting and tarc really change alots..the fences, the photostate centre located beside the canteen 2, etc..and many new faces too...yaya, may intake ma sure got many freshies~~

well, nth much to talk bout my classes cos all very boring..myb stilin holiday mood..hha..
hmm...I am not really concentrate-ing in class today cos I am busy chit-chatting with frens bout the training and the holidays that been through, some happenings and so on..talking session..yeah~~ i like talking session..^^
well, it's a normal phenomena since the first day of the college life are always full with stories and laughing everywhere^^

ohya, and 1 more thing..i bought a ticket heading to penang on this wednesday, 4pm..
WHY going there?ooou~~ meeting sm1 who doin the internship there..guess who???lolz...
feeling excited for it but scared...cos i never take a long journey bus alone before..hope everything ll be just ok, and let me meeting sm1 safely and god...bless me plz....

p/s: my sista doing the rebonding of hair edi feel like she been reborn too..looks nicer than before (pheewwweewweee~~pretty gal)
and i think very soon she ll get a boy..( helo u guys shld gambateh now..mai zao bou ar^^)

Monday, May 25, 2009

dumpling~ dumpling~

this weekend was a very-busy-early-dumpling-festival day for me...
my family had a gathering and making the dumplings together..
whole busy making dumplings + chit chat-tings+ kepo here kepo there lor...
(well,what else we can do except this..)

I just reach KL bout 11 smth just now..Feel like dun wanna come back here since my college reopen on tomorrow..haih...I am gonna busy-ing with my college life assingment life, my project life, my thesis life...sien ar~~
but wat to is like tat de lor...T.T

Previously , i always shouted sien when i m doing my training and excited to coming bac to my college life..But now...wat i feel? dun wan to head in to college life?zzz.... ~.~'''
eeping ar eeping...wat r u doing? wat's in ur mind?plz la....

Although like tat, but i m still back to KL and continue my college life again...
myb i shld be very excited for it since tomoro is my 1st day of college life ...

this year is my last year and also my important year..i can go UK to get my degree or not depends on what i ll done on this year...
Last year of my study which means I am Senior now..haha..ABD2 edi..2 leh..not 1 anymore..upgraded to senior level edi..haha...proud~~
( omg~~sure kena scold --proud pi ar??!!@@#$$%)

This sem time table quite suit me since all the classes mostly start on AFTERNOON and no class on saturday..yeah~~ good news~~
I no need to wake up early in the morning so suffering from my sweet-warm bed and get ready to college..haha.. I can sleep till 9smth or 10 smth depends on wat time my class start..^^ weewee~~
but except wednesday...but its still consider ok for me la....
overall is ok la..

i gtg lor...
gonna gao gao chu lor~~
nite nite everyone...

p/s: wondering wat ll happening on tomoro~~^^

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

home swet home^^

during the trip^^

yeah~~ finally i settle my training report edi..yoohoo~~
i am going back to my sweetsweethome later^^
so i m not going to blogging for few days..( u guys dun miss me ya~~lolz)
I must enjoy to the fullest tis few day b4 my college reopen again lor cos i noe after my college start, i am gonna-be-very-busy for all the assignment, thesis, this la that la..
So, now i gotta appreaciate my time espec ially time spent with family..

okla, gtg..mummy is waiting for me at home..
see ya~~


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wonderful trip^^

I reach home about 11smth just now from my 3 days 2 night trip..

hhuu~~~~ damn tired but i ll still take some time come over here essay-ing awhile before I chess-ing with Mr. chou..lolz..( not Jay chou of cos, is 周公la..)

Frankly to say,the trip was just awesome..3 days visited 6 places and eat alot of nice foods..haha..nice trip^^

  • went Sekinchan for paddy field
  • Kuala Selangor for seafood and fireflies
  • Kampar for curry chicken bread
  • Ipoh for "nga choi gai"--tauge chicken and all nice food include Fu Shan dim sum, drive-thru tao fu fa, crispy + yummy kayang gok, etc...
  • adventure-ing at Gua Tempurung
  • and Sungai Klah the hot spring & spa...


will update all the nice pictures very very soon..hihi

i gotta sleep now eyes like kenot open d..(@.@)

good nite everyone^^

p/s: yeah~~ no more working days..can sleep until 2pm..haha I oso not forgot to thanks my Ipoh fren--Dan Phoon and his fren..thanks for being the free tour guide for us..^^

Friday, May 15, 2009

Last working day^^

today is my last working day..hihi..

i'm gonna enjoy every moments at this company..^^

I ll do my job properly without facebook-ing..haha

I ll do my job without pet society-ing..

I ll do my job without restaurant city-ing..

but I ll still continue my job with blogging..haha

well, that's y i m here..hihi

okla, last day..i ll be the most hardworking tat i ever had..haha


p/s : i'm gonna miss them~~

Thursday, May 14, 2009

my lovely college life coming-soon..

woohoo~~ left 1 more day then i ll finish my 2 and a half months internship lor..
omg~~ happy like hell..haha
yeah~ another 1 more sien sien working day , then i ll gonna-soon back to my lovely college life..haha..happy for no reason..Dunno y this time so excited go going back to college..haah~~myb too sien with everything i done now..haha..everyday wake up at 7.30am then get prepare, after walk for a distance only take bus going to my office due to the serious traiffic jam at genting kelang..maklum la~~ it's like tat everyday morning and evening^^

After reach office, after having breakfast which sell by a kind-hearted Ah Ma..( i m gonna miss ur mee hum goreng and yam kuih, ah ma..) Then, continue to do measurement..arr~~ meansurement all over again..damn bored..haih...everyday do the same thing and it bcm a routine for my day edi..measurement..meansurement..and measurement...nth so special..
yeah~~ i noe...of cos can learn things tat i cant learn from text book but it will be kinda bored after you get it and you hav to do it everyday..repeat and repeat although it was not the sme project that i calculate but same principles and same meansurement applied into it too..
am i rite? guys...

Haha...but, never mind...after tomorrow i ll free..The day after tomorrow i ll FREE~~no need waking up early in the morning to go working anymore.. woohoo~~ think of it now i edi happy..haha..and this coming saturday i m having a trip with frens..3days 2nights Sekinchan-Kuala selangor fireflies-Ipoh-Gua tempurung trip..First first, going to Sekinchan which located near to kuala selangor towards Teluk Intan and there was Robert -my good fren's hometown..haha..go there to see the paddy field..Sekinchan is known as the ricebowl of Malaysia with a lot of paddy fields and some pretty interesting fishing villages. I think the greenie paddy fields will turns into golden paddy fields with the sunlight during evening..nice duh~~haha..After that, heading to Kuala Selangor--byAo's hometown to watch the fireflies..i never been there b4 so i m quite excited for it and i think it's a nice view bcos the fireflies view was listed as one of the travel attractions of kuala selangor..haha..and then heading to ipoh hunting for foods..haha...i wan to eatall the delicious + famuos food at there..hihi..We ll spent a night at ipoh then the next morning we ll going to Gua Tempurung jungle-trekking..hihi..I like jungle-trekking..haha..

hmm... i think this trip will be a nice trip tat will stuck forever in my brain..haha..i hope everythings go smoothly and we can follow the plan tat we planned..hihi..

okok, let u guys noe more after i went the keep talking oso useless de la. show u guys picture after the trip..haha..

Today is thursday..Thursday night, my place here have Pasar Malam..^^
yeah~~ i m going to pasar malam tonight..yoohoo~~ long time din go there d..( walao, feel like many place i long time not going d..then where i go usually..of cos stay at home lor..lolz..)

okla..i stopped here..see ya~~

-away to pasar malam^^-

this motor + bicycle i saw at my working place there...dunno wat it's is actually..haha..but i tihnk it is some kind of automatic- bicycle..but damn cute cute rite?^^ a teh-tarik hang-ing there..hihi

another view of the cutest motor- bicycle...

that's all


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

star trek-ing night..

I just back from a movie at Berjaya Time Square.whoa~~ a movie?woo~~ damn so long i never been to cinema for a movie edi after my baby going to penang doing his internship..cos usually i ll watch with him the up coming movie^^

So, is the day. Today is the day i m gonna watch a movie in cinema with couples of more stay at home wacthing the download-ing movie ( ah ha~~ i m not the one who dl the movie...i support original wan..haha..cakap haje la..)

Actually it's quite tiring after whole day working time then hang out with frens.But it's worth it since quite a time i didn't hang out with them d..6 of us this time..Wilson, my best buddy ever, byAo, the guy always hav the same target with me( wat else if not weight lose-ing)..CS, not counter strike or Chong soon ( another fren of mine which so call CS too) is Chee Siong..another 3 will be mee, of cos..Wan ting and Hui min, the best sister i ever had..haha..usually guys mostlybut this time equally pulak..happy..weewee~~
maklum la~~ building course is like tat wan la..usually all guys ma...

Anyway,the movie kinda interesting + nice..the story line was not bad too..i like it..I am too enjoying the movie from the starting till the end by talking to hui min..of cos we are talking about the movie discussing i guess..every part or every climaxes we oso can talk about it..haha..i think both of us who were really enjoyed the movie the most..haha..

After the movie..omg~~ we 3 gals--hui min, wan ting and mee~ keep playing about the hand sign showing " long life " + "good luck" by the Vulcan peoples in the movie..omgosh~~ we been poison-ing by the Vulcan ppls d or by the movie..too enjoyed it maybe..haha..and those guys especially bYao..he kenot tahan us d..haha..'s outing really "gao xiao" and i had long never hang out and watch movie together edi rite? buddies~~
haha...i hope u guys had fun too..

p/s: yeah~~ countdown 2 days then i ll coming back to my college life again

on 25th of May..v~.~v..haha..TArc, i m come-ing back very soon..hihi..

mms from deardear yilin...

she send me this today when my lunch time...hihi..
kinda like it...she tells me she finally noe how to edit pics d...wth..lolz...i laugh at her at the back...ROFL...

captured this during her brother's bday...hihi...i like it muchie~~^^

thanks yilin...


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's day, mummy^^

Today is mother's day..I would like to wish my beloved mummy happy Mother's day^^, stay happy, stay healty, stay young and of cos stay pretty..hihi

I just back from my uncle house which located at Bandar Mahkota Cheras. All my family members were there together to celebrated mother's day for the oldest mother uim my family--my beloved grandma^^
All of us gather together having dinar and just have fun with chit chatting and kepo kepo about each others thingy..haha..Aiyo, u noe la..all the aunties gathered together edi sure talking this talking tat al is kepo kepo thingy wan la..In the other side, all my uncles talking bout the hottest issue in the society--political issue lor..wat else..hihi.. and my cousins all playing cards. They played till the house like gonna collapse with their noisy talking and shouting..~.~'''
teenagers wat..

when i reach home only i realise tat i havent wish my mummy happy mother's day..Actually is i malu to say so when facing my mummy cos all my aunties were there and i feel so shy to say it out in front of them..lolz..omg~~ shy shy..haha
Then, when i reach home, straight away send a text msg to mummy say tat
" I reach home safely mummy...happy mother's day mummy..I love you..=) "
this is wat i sent..hihi..(haih..i dun even dare to say I love you to mummy..sigh..)

Then, mummy reply me
" I love you too..My sweet daughter=) Thanks=)
Dunno y i feel so so happy when i get the messsage^^maybe bcos we din show it out by saying [i love you] but deeply from my heart I noe mummy loving me since the day i was borned..^^i noe it..(hehe..perasan~)

What i wan to tell my mummy....

Mummy. I noe I m not a very good + obedient gal and i always spent money like open a water tap buying this buying that ( well, i like to shopping wat...), sometimes cos of my naughty, will make you angry and unhappy, sometimes will make daddy mad at you say u didn't teach me well..I'm sorry..I am really sorry, mummy..I hope you wont mine and forgive wat i done wrong in the past 20 -years..And i promise I will try to being the best daughter you had ever, a good gal tat love you, take care of you when u grow old, wont leave you alone when u grow old, wont sent you to old folks house, a daughter that will make you proud, a daughter that wont let u down in wat ever i m done.a daughter that will giv our family a better life after i graduate.I will love you and take care about you for the rest of my life... I promise, mummy.I love you...

my mummy in fitting room..haha..woo~~so cool wan?haha

she dunno wat i m doing actually..haha

after she noe it..she smile so happily let me capture it..haha

last year during mummy's bday at pavilion^^ and mummy inside the toilet cam-whored..teehee~

**I love you mummy**

Mummy, this song is only for you..

吴建豪 妈妈

她的累 她掉眼泪
我的脾气你 没办法
那皱纹 是代价
斑白的发 是惩罚
妈妈 辛苦为家
亲爱的妈妈 休息 你辛苦啦
那皱纹 是代价
斑白的发 是惩罚
妈妈 辛苦为家
亲爱的妈妈 休息 你辛苦啦
我知道你累 现在换我来背
那 皱纹 是代价
斑白的发 是惩罚
妈妈 辛苦为家
亲爱的妈妈 休息 你辛苦了

p/s: i ll study harder and harder to giv you a better life, dun wan you to work so hard just for our family..i promise, i ll study hard and get a good job, earned many money, dun wan you to be so "san fu" anymore.. I will do it & I can do it..just for you..Trust me, mummy..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

LEE hom's music-man concert 2nd of May at National Stadium, Bukit Jalil..^^

Finally, i got time to update about my lovely lee hom d..haha..
the concert wwas damn nice + awesome + super-duper high from the starting till the end of the concert..Lee hom sing 28 songs which is 搖滾怎麼了、W-H-Y、花田錯、龍的傳人、心跳、Forever Love、安全感、第一個清晨、流淚手心、如果你聽見我的歌、竹林深處、女朋友、愛得得體、改變自己、落葉歸根、一首簡單的歌、你不在、唯一、愛的鼓勵、 大城小愛、Can you feelmy world、我完全沒有任何理由理你、在梅邊、蓋世英雄、心中的日月.
For encore, he sang this three songs--放開你的心、愛你等於愛自己、Kiss Goodbye..
These last three songs bring all the audiences the the max point^^ woohoo~~ he is damn hot!! (and of cos we are hot too^^)

Actually not much picture was taken since three of us too concentrate to look at hinm..haha..and frankly to say tat camera was not allowed to bring in but..haha..we bring it in..lolz..

i purposely put this wan since this felor sy mth so special in my blog cos dun hav his pic..haha..
so now, do u guys feel tat my blog bcm so special with this piece of picture..??haha

people mountain people sea..

those were VVIP + VIP seats..
the stories begin with a man in the deep sea..and tats is Lee Hom--the music-man of cos..

the story was very nice + touching^^

Music-man = normal man, a man who need love too..hihi..
means lee hom was searching candidates now?haha

After the intro story, the concert start!!!
Lee hom come down with his beloved and special guitar--Bahamut from the centre of the stage^^

小王,小力,小宏 and王力宏..

He stepped down to the stage and shook hands with fans..All the fans there become crazy like hell, but if i was there i think i ll join them too...lolzzz...^^

playing around with his Piano..^^ like it...^^

i was really interested with his music.In fact, i was deeply fascinated by his violin..omgosh~~

he is so so charming and i m too addicted with him d..hou yeng ar~~

woohoo~~ he playing guitar too..
i like this pic so so much^^

Lee hom was playing around with his piano, drum , guitar and violin . Well, this was his expert wat..hihi..He love to do so and we love to see him to do so rite? ( for Lee hom's fans)..hihi..
awesome + impressing...
omgosh~~ actually i m still thinking about tat nite^^
his performance really really good and..i like it much, it's really worth to go this concert^^

Monday, May 4, 2009

Outing with families + outing with Baby

hoo~~ last weekend really din get enuf sleep since I'm having a really-busy weekend. Busy with wat?haha...interesting~~1st of may, families gathering + my nephew's birthday celebration, 2nd of may,i meet up with 2 guy which i love most in my life--Him and Lee hom (except my dad, my grandpa and my brothers^^)..But sunday stay at home only..hmm, i think consider busy oso la cos i m doing housekeeping that day..teehee~~ I cleaned the whole house and of cos busy surf-ing net..haha..
i ll be happy + sacrified enuf if i can get 14hrs sleep and i no need go to work..haha...take leave lor hor?haha...nola, kenot la..i must enjoy every moment of my training time starting from now on since my training gonna end soon on 15th of May which means 7 days left...woohoo~~ i m gonna-soon freeman...o0ops not man, a free-gurl?lolz..watever long as i m FREE lor...hooray~~~~ i can enjoy the only 1 week holidays till 25th of May cos after that i gotta going back to college and starting my study life all over again..starting to busy with final projects la, thesis la, this la that la..sigh..dun want to think bout it la...( actually is dun DARE)

okok..let's talk about the gathering ba v~.~v here we go---->>
  • 1st of May--Labour day--Families gathering^^

    I woke up early in the morning like 6am and get prepared to having an outing with my mummy's side aunties + uncles. WAlao, 6 in the morning man..feel like damn long i never wake up in this kind of early time and my dad is the one who responsible to wake me up..and he call so many times d i still lying on my sweetsweet bed..haha..
    After get well prepare, whole families heading to PD- Port Dickson. Go there do wat?go there picnic lor..That was wat i always do when i m still in primary and secondary school. Our families sure ll going to picnic at PD on 3rd day of every families gathering ma...

    woohoo~~about 7am, we start our journey going to PD.We reach there about 7.30am,but PD edi full of ppl duh~~and there was no more pavilion free for us edi..I tot we were earlier than others cos we reach there bout 7.30 but who noes others were the earliest lor..~.~'''
    I think next time if really wan to go PD picnic on public holiday, we have to make our move at 6am before sunrise...lolz

    After setting down all the things,after my aunties all coming edi, we start to having our breakfast and all the kids edi jump into the sea playing around..While the kids are playing with sea, teenagers like me and my cousins all chit chatting around and walk on the sea side and doin some kind crazy stuffs..haha...( dun wan talk here la..shy shy~~)and all the adult ( my parents, all the aunties + uncles) all stay at the camp to look after our belongings..haha...of cos they have their own activities too lor..hihi...

the PD view...

the Fei chai-edmund...he damn cute man..if u looked at him for a moment, his facial expressions can change every seconds..haha...tat's the point we all love him so much..haha..

this is my another cousin, another cutie...he was an potential + talented actor duh~~i think the talent must be genetic from his mummy..haha..he can act angry, happy and sad too..haha..wat a funny kid..

all playing around with the sand..well, tat wat i used to do when i was a kid..haha
got some other pics too but i not yet get it..will upload after i get those pics..

this two kids damn cute and damn funny lor...

u just need to loot at his facial expression ur mood sure gonna change from bad mood to very good mood..thats y my uncle always laugh like fourty-thousand-mouth....haha

i just wan to let u noe that my heart always conneted with yours...ahha..

our geng..our feet...our time...our story...our is just us...

gam ngam that day was my uncle's 4th anniversary day..happy anniversary uncle + aunty^^ stay happy-ily and sweetsweet forever..

2nd of May--saturday--outing with HIm...

i've been waiting this day for a month edi..Finally, the day is coming..^^He coming bac frm penang on friday. Then saturday was our outing after we both din meet up for a month..happy~~

I stay at my aunty's hse located at sunway on friday nite then he come picked me up there.Tat day was a memorable day cos tat day is my very first time prepared breakfat for him..haha.. aiya, jus a simple breafast nia, of cos i noe how to make it lor=*)

the first breakfast i make for him..haha...damn easy rite?hee~~

After the breakfast, we say good bye to my aunty and then we going back to my hostel to put some stuffs then heading to low yat--times square--sungai wang.Baby wan to buy the memory stick for his PSP and Camera..So, after an hour of research at this three places..Finally we found a shop in Sungai wang sell the memory stick for the cheapest price, so baby bought the memory stick there..haha...After the mission complete, it's edi about 4 something, so its time for us to say good bye to these shopping mall cos it's time for me to meet up with another lovely man--music-man..haha..But, before that Baby buy the Krispy Creme for me...teehee~~~

After all, the Krispy Kreme not that special + nice oso..I like J-co more..

yeah~~ J-co, J-co..haha

But Krispy Kreme doughtnuts have some other favor which is different with J-co 1..

u guys can hav a try too..

i like to look at him when he is driving..he looks ** bling bling** at the moment..hhahahaaa

i hold your hold my hand...until the end of the world..


love you..babe^^

p/s: another post will be updates for Lee Hom's Concert..

stay tuned...

Updates soon~~


stay tuned for LEE HOM's concert and my busy red weekend ya~~
Picture ll be uploaded after i get it frm Mr. Wil...hihi
For updates, stick with me duh~~

p/s: Lee Hom is really an awesome man and the concert was really great^^