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Friday, December 9, 2011

My Life..

Hi there..sorry blog is so dead now!
I have no time..I wish one day have 48hours to settle my things..

Within this two months, there are so many unhappy things happening. This period is really my black dot which will follow me forever.I will never forget the darkest month in my life.

People forgive, but don't forget. It's very true.
However, I learn to accept.
The world is full of temptations, people very easy do wrong things, they don't even have time to think of the consequences. They blur-ing.dont know what they're doing.

However, when they come back to the right path.
You have to forgive and learn to accept.
Then, Start all over again.
That's the solution, I don't wan nightmare everynight. I don't want talking in dreams, I don't wan bad memories. All I want is happy moments, good memories which will keep forever in my mind.

Life is we must enjoy it before it's end.

Learn to accept people's mistakes and learn to overcome it!

Then, no one can beat you down.
You're the strongest person in the World!!

I will be so proud of You!
Be tough!!

with Love,
eeping ♥

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I need a smiley face ='(

I need a smiley face on my face..

who willing to put the Big Wide Smile on my face again?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Ain't Easy

Picture say it all..

I m glad you're still with me after all...

Love u u...

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's raining day..

Sometimes, i like Raining Day. 
When I'm walking in the Rain, 
no ones know I'm crying..

Sunday, November 13, 2011

i should learn to be strong enough, forget the past, start all over again!!
However, Can I?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


saw this in FB, feel that its kinda true, so share here =)
Do you think so?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sometimes is the memory, that killing people... 
do you think so? 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

3.11.2011 I will never forget today!! NEVER!!!

i 'm totally lost and dunno what should i do? things happens too fast & out of sudden.
I cant concentrate in my work, i cant concentrate to do anything.

what should I do now?
stay or leave?

start all over again?
I m not sure whether I can...

Dear Lord,
what should i do now?

i have lost my direction...
i miss my mummy a lot!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

♥ Happy Birthday Daddy ♥

Today is a special day for me..
because it's HIS birthday.

Who is HE?
He daddy  ❤❤❤


I wish you, all the best, be healthy, be happy and be mine all the time.
You must have a good health so can accompany mummy n I go travel all around the world ya, but....please allow me some time to earn enough money 1st..haha..
Be healthy dad, you havent step in to "The Great Wall" yet, you said u want to walk all the way, so your leg must be strong ya.

one sentences that i never told you.
which is....
Just like the above picture :)
I Love You...

no matter what...

♥ the Baby J.L ♥

Just two words to say...
Damn Cute!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

♥ new place ♥

hi there...finally all the problem has been solved. Got the new room, finally..hope this owner will be better & better environment. hihi..we like here, so muchie =)

Let's the pic do talking =)
 My F.A.M.I.L.Y.

they are all sleeping with me on my bed..hihi

nice? new bedsheet =)

the other view..

the overall view of the room..


my creativitiy=)

this 1 also my creation..

my personal corner to dress up myself ..

there are still lots of thing that need to unpack n arrange..
moving is really tiring and dun wanna do it all over again..
I hope..
Everything will be fine for us and we hope the owner like us =)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome to This World, Baby

Finally, my baby nephew come to this world on 26th September 2011..He is so huge, weight that's y I call him my superb + cute + fat fat nephew..
Dunno what name my Sis will give to him..haven't know yet..hihi..

This is the 2nd day of the baby come to this beh tahan cute..I really hope I can fly back to MsIA right now..hihi..

Baby: dun make me angry..I want to sleep all dun kacau me ar..or else I dun wan let u touch me..ngekngek~

Shh~ he's sleeping now..keep your mouth shut..
He's just sooooooooo freaking cute n chubby^^

Big head photo^^ baby,ur Aunty will coming bac to visit u very soon ya..Aunty will buy many many toys for u k?hihi..


Thanks God that my sis n the baby nephew both also saved. Its been some hard time wjen my sis going to delivery the baby,cos he is so no choice,last resort is operation..
Thanks for all the Sis is so blissful..

I want talk to you Sis...
I know u r so suffering when ur tummy very pain that time..but I m Sure everything worth it once u see ur baby growing up day by day..just like our papa n mama taking care of us..from now on,ur level is Mama's level edi..Kenot notty edi..hahaah..*dunno is who notty*

Take care my Sis, n of cos take good care of my baby nephew..can't wait to see him^^

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0 ♥

Hi there, i went to watch NAsi Lemak 2.0 today. 
at first i refuse to watch, as normally i only go cinema for huge production movie or depends on which director or actors. 
however, i feel that i should support malaysia's movie. so i decided to watch it with bf. 
after watching this, 
only two words i would like to say, 
* thumbs UP*
its really nice, at least i think its more than what i expected. 
Namewee produces a movie with low cost but the outcome still not bad, the quality is still there.
so i think, you should make ur move now, 
buy a ticket, to support this movie =)
you maybe no gonna like it, but i think its bring up th main issue in malaysia now =)

i hope you will enjoy it ^^

Saturday, September 24, 2011

what ever things happened, 哭過就好了;(


This is so true.. =)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday to myself..

5mins to 12am..
Happy birthday to me!!

Birthday eve dinner with Bf ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feel guilty..

I feel very guilty to leave my work place early since I saw my boss still working very hard on those work tasks..bad girl!!sigh..but I have no choice..later I have movie session with my bf..bought the ticket edi.. thing that I can do is,Work Hard Tomorrow!!!!
really really hard..hahaha..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

♥ Finally, after suffering for 1 week ♥

Finally, we got our new room, new nest..haha..
its kinda ok the room, the owner also nice =) she's malaysian too. hihi.
however, a bit more expensive than the previous room.we pay more for FREEDOM.
new house can use the kitchen, can use the living room, can sit on the dining table. you must feel weird y i m so happy with this features?!
In singapore, when u rented a room (stay with owner) , there are so many restrictions.
1st rules, no sitting on the living room.
2nd rules, no sitting on dining table, u have to eat in ur room, when u packs laksa or bak kut teh, that night you will sleep with bak kut teh smell in ur dreams..
3rd rules, only 1 small compartment in the fridge that you can used. etc etc etc etc....


however, those time has passed.

New era coming now. new house, new room, new owner. I just hope that Everything will be fine.
Now, i m totally relax, no stressed at all for room finding. the only stress i have now is How to decorate my room? ahahaha..erm~ gonna visit IKEA soon..hihi

woohoo~ happy for me? guess u r...

thanks my friends who give me support whenever i need it.
thanks to my dar dar Jo Lin, which there is 1 night i call her up, ask for the last resort which i need to stay with her IF i couldn't get a room..but now ok already ^^
thanks to my bff + buddy Chee Koon , he gives me support all the ways, and ask me stay with him..he's gonna kick his roomate out..hahaha..
thanks to Edmund, this not-so-close-but-actually-quite-close friend, thanks for your help. but sorry i m not moving to lakeside..lolz.. and thanks for your advices, you say, Dun Worry Be Happy :)
I say, I am Glad to friend with you..

Thank you my bff, Best Boy Friend in the world. thank you for everything. thanks for always calm me down when i m not calm down.
thank you for giving me a big-bear-hug when i m fussy, when i m pik chek,when i m sad..your timing is really good, to give me the hug hug, I'm melting in your arm..
thank you for always comfort me eventhough i know that you are kinda stressed too.

uncounted thankfulness i would like to express with one sentence...
There is only ONE way TWO say THREE words FOUR you~ I Love You

thank you.

With tonnes of Love,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's been hard for us..

This few day I m kinda do my bf..running out of time for us to get a new room..sigh..hopefully can get a good room with low rental + nice owner..
What to do..cos of the currency,we become slave here..
Renting room,taking public transports..
However,I m happy and not so worry because I know there's always someone been there for me..all this while..^^
I' m totally blissful..

P/s: Thanks my honey *bee* muakz!!! Love u always..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Having great great time with my dar dar..

Thanks Jo Lin dar for this delicious duckling wan tan mee <3

And the longan + soya bean^^

My dar dar.. Siao cha por..but thz..

Pic of the day

I dunno....

To my dearest friend,

What I should know?
What I shouldn't know?
What I must know?
What I no need to know?
What is important to let me know?
What is not important no need to let me know?
I have no idea..

but one thing I know..I will get used in this way...hahaha..better know nothing!!!!!

Or I will ciao away from you!!! To a place you couldn't find me..

With Love,

Just for Sharing..女人為什麼願意让男人抱著睡覺?

I saw this from Facebook, i think its quite just for sharing :)
enjoy reading :)









她的任性 她的壞脾氣





So, what do you think?
please appreciate you another half for whatever he/she done.

With Love,


Dinner with F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Hey guys~ how are u today?today is Saturday~ gonna have a long night out ya??enjoy urself^^

It's been sometime I din appear here..busy busy busy~ dunno busy with what, just be a po here n there..hihi..

30th of August,it's Hari Raya..Singapore here only has 1 day holiday bit Malaysia has 1 week unfair..sigh..** jealous with Wilson-my bff working at malaysia**
However, they dun have holidays when singapore holidays too..haha..
Fair n Square..

Young chia with his meatball spaghetti..the spaghetti looked so yummy_Licious..

There it is..

Make Chee koo so jealous,his Jiggy Piggy is just very little portion..he said after dinner can we go for supper,cos he din feel anything in his stomach..lolz..

The bf's order..whole spring chicken..worth the money we paid..hahah..

Da la~ here's mine..Seafood Short pasta in tomato sauce^^ nom nom nom...

Me me me..

The bf..I m glad that they all mixed well^^

This is what Jo Lin dar & Bing Yao ordered..sorry forget to take ur pics..too hungry after served with the meal..hahaha..

There are laughter everywhere when we are all together^^
This time not full attendance from our gang..Wan Ting Sis go to Taiwan for vacation ,hui min Sis busy with working,so Kenot come..nvm,there're many chance still..
Gotta ciao d~
Start working soon..

Enjoy ur Saturday^^

With Love,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

dates with my Love one..

It's our dating day..we went to Johor from Singapore today..hahah..
We go there by public transport,no choice,we have no car here..:( that's y public transport is the only option for us..haha

After two hrs of journey,finally we reached^^
Took our lunch at Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant^^
The Ramen is not bad though:)

Green tea:)

After lunch,we high tea at Secret Recipes..**clap clap**
our FAV;)) photos on his DSLR..
We eat till so full..**satisfied**

After that, bf go for a haircut,and bf suggests me go n do a manicure^^
In fact, this is my very first time let others do for me..haha..normally I did myself^^
See this..

This is wat I did to my nails last few days^^ nice huh?haha..i try the cracking nail's fun to see it cracking itself when dry up..the Nail Art ppl said it's nice cos the cracking looked nice n even..**happy**

Put my leg in warm water n help me remove those dead skin..I think there's a lot..;( **Tsk tsk**

After 1 n half hr,da la~ here it is..
I like this colour so much..looked reAlly nice..

I m wearing shoe,it might ll damage my pedicure,so bf bought a pair of flipper foe me..** so kind of you** muakc!!

Dinner long nvr eat it edi..still my FAV;))

Saw this when we walked ard in the mall, I like it so much..cos,it's a piggy wearing Honey *bee* shirt..a combination of BEE & it!! Bf got it for me..I named it as **honey pig**..Welcome to your new home^€^

We reached Singapore bout 10,we both satisfied for today's outing..hihi..not spent so much though..

Pic of the day :))

P/s: thanks bee,for the honey pig n manicure;) and thanks for your help to wash my hair^^ appreciate it..I love you!!