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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome to This World, Baby

Finally, my baby nephew come to this world on 26th September 2011..He is so huge, weight that's y I call him my superb + cute + fat fat nephew..
Dunno what name my Sis will give to him..haven't know yet..hihi..

This is the 2nd day of the baby come to this beh tahan cute..I really hope I can fly back to MsIA right now..hihi..

Baby: dun make me angry..I want to sleep all dun kacau me ar..or else I dun wan let u touch me..ngekngek~

Shh~ he's sleeping now..keep your mouth shut..
He's just sooooooooo freaking cute n chubby^^

Big head photo^^ baby,ur Aunty will coming bac to visit u very soon ya..Aunty will buy many many toys for u k?hihi..


Thanks God that my sis n the baby nephew both also saved. Its been some hard time wjen my sis going to delivery the baby,cos he is so no choice,last resort is operation..
Thanks for all the Sis is so blissful..

I want talk to you Sis...
I know u r so suffering when ur tummy very pain that time..but I m Sure everything worth it once u see ur baby growing up day by day..just like our papa n mama taking care of us..from now on,ur level is Mama's level edi..Kenot notty edi..hahaah..*dunno is who notty*

Take care my Sis, n of cos take good care of my baby nephew..can't wait to see him^^

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