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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dinner with F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Hey guys~ how are u today?today is Saturday~ gonna have a long night out ya??enjoy urself^^

It's been sometime I din appear here..busy busy busy~ dunno busy with what, just be a po here n there..hihi..

30th of August,it's Hari Raya..Singapore here only has 1 day holiday bit Malaysia has 1 week unfair..sigh..** jealous with Wilson-my bff working at malaysia**
However, they dun have holidays when singapore holidays too..haha..
Fair n Square..

Young chia with his meatball spaghetti..the spaghetti looked so yummy_Licious..

There it is..

Make Chee koo so jealous,his Jiggy Piggy is just very little portion..he said after dinner can we go for supper,cos he din feel anything in his stomach..lolz..

The bf's order..whole spring chicken..worth the money we paid..hahah..

Da la~ here's mine..Seafood Short pasta in tomato sauce^^ nom nom nom...

Me me me..

The bf..I m glad that they all mixed well^^

This is what Jo Lin dar & Bing Yao ordered..sorry forget to take ur pics..too hungry after served with the meal..hahaha..

There are laughter everywhere when we are all together^^
This time not full attendance from our gang..Wan Ting Sis go to Taiwan for vacation ,hui min Sis busy with working,so Kenot come..nvm,there're many chance still..
Gotta ciao d~
Start working soon..

Enjoy ur Saturday^^

With Love,

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