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Thursday, September 8, 2011

♥ Finally, after suffering for 1 week ♥

Finally, we got our new room, new nest..haha..
its kinda ok the room, the owner also nice =) she's malaysian too. hihi.
however, a bit more expensive than the previous room.we pay more for FREEDOM.
new house can use the kitchen, can use the living room, can sit on the dining table. you must feel weird y i m so happy with this features?!
In singapore, when u rented a room (stay with owner) , there are so many restrictions.
1st rules, no sitting on the living room.
2nd rules, no sitting on dining table, u have to eat in ur room, when u packs laksa or bak kut teh, that night you will sleep with bak kut teh smell in ur dreams..
3rd rules, only 1 small compartment in the fridge that you can used. etc etc etc etc....


however, those time has passed.

New era coming now. new house, new room, new owner. I just hope that Everything will be fine.
Now, i m totally relax, no stressed at all for room finding. the only stress i have now is How to decorate my room? ahahaha..erm~ gonna visit IKEA soon..hihi

woohoo~ happy for me? guess u r...

thanks my friends who give me support whenever i need it.
thanks to my dar dar Jo Lin, which there is 1 night i call her up, ask for the last resort which i need to stay with her IF i couldn't get a room..but now ok already ^^
thanks to my bff + buddy Chee Koon , he gives me support all the ways, and ask me stay with him..he's gonna kick his roomate out..hahaha..
thanks to Edmund, this not-so-close-but-actually-quite-close friend, thanks for your help. but sorry i m not moving to lakeside..lolz.. and thanks for your advices, you say, Dun Worry Be Happy :)
I say, I am Glad to friend with you..

Thank you my bff, Best Boy Friend in the world. thank you for everything. thanks for always calm me down when i m not calm down.
thank you for giving me a big-bear-hug when i m fussy, when i m pik chek,when i m sad..your timing is really good, to give me the hug hug, I'm melting in your arm..
thank you for always comfort me eventhough i know that you are kinda stressed too.

uncounted thankfulness i would like to express with one sentence...
There is only ONE way TWO say THREE words FOUR you~ I Love You

thank you.

With tonnes of Love,

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