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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Scotland, Here i come=)

I will off to Scotland for a week=) 7 days 6 nights....

I want to Visit the John o' Groats=) so called 天涯...Feels like so Romantic..Too bad my baby boy is not here with me..
I have been to Land's End last time, so called 海角..
So, after this trip,
I have been to The Most Upper Part and The Most Lower Part of the World=) Weewee~~~

Stay tuned for the updates ya~~

Friday, August 27, 2010

I truely hope she will recover very soon...

i got a girlfriend, she fell down from bicycle when she riding it. Get really serious injured, so i hope she will recover very very soon, then can enjoy the remaining time at UK as well as the Europe Trip..

p/s: You are not alone, We got your back..Take care, Sin Ling♥

Monday, August 23, 2010

I m back from LIverpool..

Hey people..I m back from the Shopping heaven, Liverpool=)
OMg~~ i go with one beg, back to sheffield with two beg..hihi..There was such a big shopping heaven..XD i just cant control myself...lolx

will up date it soon=) (the London trip as well)
\now gotta sleep and tomoro gotta rush for my assignment =)


my idol=) Gerrard..He's sizzling HOT!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I m so noob @.@

OMG~~ kek sei me d, i shldn't show my just-wake-up-not-good-looking-face to him...sigh...XD
No marks d >< *well, ben lai jiu no marks i thk..hihi*
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh~~ no mood to do everything d..

p/s: You still make my heart beat^^

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I dun feel like blogging but somehow, my heart direct me to come^^
so just did some update about today..these are the activities i did today..

Today, wake up at 9.18, go for class at 10 *just walking distance about 10mins*,
presentation in the seminar *presentation like shit*,
going ot John Lewis searching for perfume*a shopping mall*,
come back home,
cooked Maggi mee for lunch + egg + vege * mee imported from Malaysia..hihi*,
skype with My dear,
skype with my lovely sister,
Msn-ing with my sweetheart,
discuss assignment *end up chit chatting session* ,
call my dear to wish him Good Night + sleep tight + I love You,
online Facebook-ing,
reading other blogs,
msn with frens,
then here i am^^
Later wanted to take a short nap *not sleepy but just wanna sleep ~~teehee~~*


Good night for people in Malaysia^^

Enjoy ur beautiful night for people in Uk^^


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New photo edit software--Conew..

I like to edit photo recently.. like not normal edit, it's like pro type edit..XD like some of my frens using the Photoshop to edit their pic..the outcome freaking nice..So, I also decided to learn something new, not only stick to those software i m using..XD

Now, found a new love, Conew is the name!!
It is not as complicated as Photoshop but can give most slightly the same outcome^^
It provides some template as well, however, sorry for those English Ed people..Cos this software available in Chinese version only..So sorry...

Below are some pics that edited by my fren, Sn..a DSLR krazyer..
this is Miss Suet Nyin^^
*i spell her name correct d, cos last time i always write suet N 1*

so got feels right?^^ this is miss Fui Bin^^
She will own a Fuiz Binz Pork manufacturing factory then become rich woman!!

it's me , it's me..nice one?hihi..

this is miss Jolin=) SAD, single available and desperate..XD
*jk jk, if she reading this, i bet she will kill me='(*

Picture of the day^^
The sweet L.O.V.E birs^^

And this is the picture i edit myself..XD haha..testing nia, not so pro yet^^
more pictures to come..


Monday, August 16, 2010

I saw Meteor!!!!

OMG!! until now i also cant believed that I saw meteor just now!!!
One word to describe it. AWESOME!!!
I saw 7 of it...omg omg omg!!!
It isn's looked like those in the picture, it not all come thru the same way, its will like suddenly come out from left side, suddenly from right side, some from the top and some from the bottom..

me n my frens like suddenly wanted to go as we got nth to do tonight..
**argh~~ assignment put asied 1st la**

Then we went out about 12.45, reach the Garden in front of my accommodation like 12.50am then we set up our seat **choose a nice seat**, we put plastic bags on the ground as we need t o lean on the ground..

We wait wait wait..Suddenly, saw one!!! All screaming like hell!!! OoooooooooooooMmmmmmmmmmmGggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!

it's just tooo fast for us to take a second look on it!!! just one shot!!
Thx God I can saw them!!
How lucky I am I saw 7 of them!!
I really can saw Meteor in the night sky of Sheffield <3

p/s: I make wishes when i saw them..I hope those wishes will come true^^ however, that moment isn't Perfect as You were not here with me ='(


I hate You

I just know that you delete me from your facebook..There are soooooo many Question Mark in my brain?
WHy WHy wHy?????
I tot we can also be friend in Facebook as we used to be quite close, i mean, u r his girlfriend..
And facebook is just some kind of friends network..I really dun seriously..What did I do??until u deleted me from ur account???? Fxxk!!
I'm wrong..totally wrong..shldn't being that nice to you..summore said good thing about you in front of my bro...
Totally wrong!!!

I do like u dating with my bro, but from now on, this moment, NO MORE!!!
I hate You!! Yes!! I Hated you!!!!

And I will never forget what u did to my bro. He might got do wrong, but..You are worst!!

Ji Dan Gao!!! I m mother-effing Hate you right Now!!!!!!
I've never hate anyone in my life, you're the First one..
Congratez..It is your pleasure that u make me hated you!!!

p/s: No one talk to me now!! i will kill people for now!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Here is the updates about my dear's convo=) The convocation ceremony was Great!! But the imperfect part was that I am not there with him..My dear said the ceremony isn't complete and Perfect without my attendance. I wish to be there with you as this is the First convo in ur life, but somehow, fate is playing it's role, so..i cant make so sorry, my dear...

This is my dear with the Graduation gown..

with his parents^^
Thanks aunty uncle for everything, as if no Him, then i cant get the best bf in the world..XD

His happy-smiley face..=)))

with his bunch of frens..Jian, Ken and Kathy..Congratez to you all=)

the bf with his beloved mum^^

During the convocation, everywhere can be the background for pictures=)
Even the stairscas=)).

Everywhere at outside the hall=))

as long as there are Friends around..

Everywhere inside the hall=DD

with Kenneth and Natalie^^

Family photo=)
His dad, Granny, his sister, his mum and brother in law=)
Without me =( emo-ing...

Whole gang of uncles from Mak's family^^

Whole gang if aunties from Mak's family^^

Isaac's family^^

Hon Yean's family^^

the lovely family again^^

the videocam-man, Mr. Mak..hihi

Dai pak's family^^

Candid shot^^

Nice captured even not everyone are ready for the capturing..

Just nice cos of the Happiness^^
Happiness of legally + finally Graduated!!

the bf's bff=) May, Joan and Christine=)
Three pretties^^

with Suet Yi's family^^

All cousins=DD

With his beloved po po^^
Po po, stay healthy and HOT!! always...XD

Bf: Hey you!!!!

Bf: Why wearing my crown???^^
Hon Yean: Borrw0ing take pics nia...hihi

oklor, i take with flowers only lo =p

After a few hours of taking pics here n there, it's time to go home^^

Night gathering at Chili's..all the guy^^

Group photo, take 1=)

Take 2..Peace!!!

==The End==
Thankew for reading, have a nice day!!

Cheers, eeping