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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sing k day^^ have fun~~

Everyweek i just having 1 and a half day rest..I tot i m gonna stayathome dis weekend but goin out again...haha...cant stay athome for more than 24 hours..hihi...So, our geng decided to sing k..woohoo~~excited since damn long we all didn't sing k together d especially with Uncle pei jiun and Mr. robert..^^

7 of us this time...hui min din join cos lazy...wat a lazy piggy...haiz...hsien loong din cant join cos he's working on yesterday..maklumlah~working at site is like tat de lo...sien cos he din join...haih...but nvm,nextweek sing again lo, then he can join us d...haha..tat time wilson n BY ng can't join lo...hihi

This time we sibng lots of clubbing songs..omg~~they all make the room like inside clubbing and damn hot..i meant de musics and of cos all my frens lo...haha

Sing k of cos must capture some pictures we go~~

our room~~let's rock and roll!!!

CS's photographing...hmmm...actually till now I also dunno wat's he trying to capture lo...heeeheee....

me and him...uncle pei jiun...hihihihii
of cos he's no a real uncle la...just some attitude and talking style look alike only...haha
da lang~~
see~~always pattern liao liao wan---BY NG..

robert SO concentrate singing
wanting so concentrate look at the screen
of cos
peijiun also concentrate but i dunno wat's he concentrate to...haha..

he's enjoying singing very very very much...haha

look at this two felors...1 act cute 1 act "sap ha sap ha"
which 1 is cute which 1 is "sap ha sap ha" u decide lor...^^

whoa~~focus on him ONLY...hihi

all of us...

walao~~we sing sing sing..until suddenly de board fall down ITSELF...i really dunno y it will fall down de lor..really..i really have no idea about it...haha
maybe bcos wesing too loud d...yaya,most probably is liketat...hmm..
then,end up like dis...the thing oso come out d..swt lor...

After finish singing, we headed to dinar at U-cafe...
But before that,robert wna to capture this 1st and he ask me n wan ting together...i think he realy a big fan of SEED..hihi

**wan ting and robert****me and robert**

headed to U-cafe lor^^
dinar time~~

overall all the food there not bad..**thumbs up**
plus the waiter there also friendly enuf and he can speak mandarin wells..good good!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today is the day already---Saturday, March 28 2009... OFF light for 1 hour day^^

Have you ever noticed that our earth climate had changed?Don't say it's none of your business ,because you are part of the living thing that live in this planet.
Today, 28 March 2009, 8.30pm turn off your lights for 1 hour to show that we can make the difference against the climate changes.For teenagers, ( I am one of them too^^)stop thinking that you can't survive without phone or computer even for 1 hour.Just because of these selfishness will cause the condition even worse.Earth hour 2009 aims to reach more than one billion people in 1000 cities around the world, inviting communities, business and governments to switch off lights for one hour at 8:30pm on Saturday March 28 and sending a powerful global message that we care enough about climate change to take action.

So, we as part of the living thing that live in this PLANET, we must do our part to save it.
Let's do it together!!

P/s: tonight I am going to Look out point..Got there to makesure whether Malaysians really will participate in this world wide events anot..Don't care others peeple will do or not.
If you got the heart ,support Earth Hour 2009.

To do this or not..The decision is in your hand..

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just want to write something here...

i just back from my hometown...tired but still want to write something first only sleep...haha...This morning I wake up about 7smth (like normal working day...T.T...) to go visit my grand-grandparent's tomb...doing some kind of sembahyang thingy there lo since " ching ming" is coming soon we whole family going to visit their tomb and done some cleaning of their " house"...hihi...

Nothing so special la today but got 1 thing that really make me feel so happy and really suprising^^ which is i get a MMS from my luvly babe..^^
I feel like quite a time din get mms from him edi...happy^^
Babe,tomorrow is your second paper..I wish you all the best and i give out all my good luck to
you so that babe can do well for the paper ya~~jia you..muakz...

this is the mms^^ i like it not cos of this picture...
It's because the meaning + purpose Babe send me this...
I just like it very very much....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pictures for sarawak trip^^

Picture uploaded for sarawak trip^^

At cat museum^^at there only i noe tat Hello kitty and Doraemon oso consider as cat and display in museum^^

Sarawak--kuching Hindu Street^^Name as Hindu street but we cant even saw an indian there...wat a funny place...hihi

In front of an History monument call Pahlawan Monument...
All de name of HEROS sarawak are written and oso their piture^^

This is the fisrt "cat" we meet at kuching..hihi...CAt city can even saw a live cat?haha

At the Sarawak Museum...this is the fist place we vivit...we had been told that this museum is house of the JAmes Brooke...still rmb who he is?If not...get back Form Three's Sejarah text book then you will know wats happen...haha

p/s: actually still got lots more pictures but i show up some first..haha...This trip we four person taken about 1000++ pictures wei...can you imagine tat?haha...we love to take picture because picture is 1 of the way we use to keep our memories^^ so everytime when look at the picture then i will recall back what's happening at the moment...and that's make me smile too^^...haha...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FRIM...jungle trekking

Last Sunday i go to FRIM for jungle trekking with frens...Full name of FRIM actually is Forest Research Institute of Malaysia which located at Kepong.
The place quite nice and full with trees which all of them look like greeneries..It's really a good place for us to exercising or do some jungle trekking as well..hihi..
It's a very good experience for me.Me, Fbin, By. Ng and CS--We walk through many nature trails and discover the many species of flora and fauna here.( not really discover actually^^)We just " zou hua kan hua"...hihi..
But the only thing that i like most at there is the Skybridge(Hanging Bridge) of the Canopy Walk there..^^...scary but exciting for it...Actually we didnt plan to take the canopy walk wan then i just simply say..."aiya, lets go la..we come here to adventure wan ma..just go there see see look look la.."Then everyone follow lor...haha...That CS ar...purposely stepped very kuat, make the bridge goyang goyang then me and fbin damn scare lo..keep asking him tostop but he stepped heavier..hmph!!shit him!!! (blogging oso dun forget to scold him..haha)
Although like tat..but its still a happy + memorable day for me^^ time got chance i still wan go there..hihi...(CS, you noe wa t to do lor hor?hihi...)

At the Skybridge there...very high de wor...i dun dare to look down oso...
haiz...dan xian gui ar me....

After we reach at the 1st platform there...we catch time to take picture 1st by the way belakang d many people waiting for us to go forward...haha...BY Ng's fault lo...haha

me at the platform...We can see many places from the platform cos its actually quite high de...From the map, we can see Sunway from there^^but of cos cant see Sunway piramid la~~-_-'''

See Mr. BY NG...what's he doin ar?i wan take photo with fbin only leh...he sendiri masuk pulak...haiz...then de pattern oso very "soi yang"...haha...(i sure kane scold when he saw this...hihi)

Four of us on the platform...hihi...nice memory and we did enjoy we?hihi

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tenji Tenji Tenji

so long never blogging d cos my pc send to do some repairment...haiz...
So here..special thankz to my dear fren Wilson + B.Y NG...they really expert..
(expert in move things= transportation..haha)
Frankly..they really helps me lots...thanks time treat u guys yum cha yum cha ya~~haha

Yesterday I am going to Tenji to having my dinner.Actually is supper lor..Because babe's fren birthday so going there eating..Happy Birthday KEN..We reach there about 9something cos de buffet start from 9.30pm to 12.30am..Its really cheap to eat there because it's having promotion now until 31st of March..You guys can go having ur lunch or supper there.It's only need RM48.10 plus taxes...Really cheap right?So u guys dun miss the chance ya~~

That place damn nice man..The environment, the view from the restaurant and of cos the foods^6^

WELcome to TENJI japanese buffet^^

this prawn very it..

**sushi sushi sushi**

woohoo~~olyimpic circle^^

**salmon belly**

After eat all the delicious **DESSERT time**

This is the thing which i love most at there other than HAagen Daz^^
**chocolate fondue**
here I come!!


Still got lots more but i busying eating so din capture much at that..but u guys can jus go try it..hihi

..US..of cos we wont forget to take a picture b4 goin bac lo..this is the first time i hang out with my deardear's fren^^

That's me^^

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First 3day working experience^^

today is my 3rd day working as a QS--trainee^
today i busying from early in the morning till almost 6pm..omg~~ i do measurement till my hand also "lenguh" d..手软..haiz...i feel like doing Mr.ooi's assignment lo..lolz..but can learn many things which i cant learn it from text book^^ thanks my sifu--dennise( shld be spelling like dis gua^-^)..she teach me although she so so so busy with her thingy..thankz..but hope i cna learn many many lagi from u..I think she quite " geng " type..reli reli~~so i hope i can be like her..can handle many projects then can settle very well^^
Tomorrow...I have to go working again lo..sien...wake up early at 7smth in de morning then goin to work..Reach office d get my drawing and measure..measure..measure AND measure!!haiz...
God~~tomorrow is just the FORTH day only ar..still have almost 3months to go leh~~ haiz..

Here's are some pic v taken in my office^^

this is my office^^my table so big hor?feel like i own a room hor?haha

wooh00~~working so hard? holding mouse sambil on a phone?haha..
P/s: All jia jia de la...cos wan ctake picture ma..hehe

1 thing or Wan ting???haha...she sit just beside me..looks like she own a room too^^

Whoa~~hui min macam BOSS oo.. so hardworking leh~~
YOU guys don't play play ar~~

Mana tau..when i go nearer..SEE!!!wat she doing? key in invoice pulak...
QS = ACCOUNTANT?why i dunno geh?haha
p/s: not her fault la..cos her boss too busy till no time giv her smth to do..haha

P/S: sm1 gonna fall sick soon must take good care bout urself k?since exam already around the corner..take you always^^

~~dis picture only for sm1 i care lots^^muakz~~