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Sunday, March 1, 2009

i just back from hometown today. Feel like don't want to coming back only since tomorrow is my first day of my first Industrial Training in my life. I feel so nervous + scare + worry for it. I scare i can't make things right...I scare I can't settle the task appointed to me...I scare I am gonna facing somebody who is not that nice + friendly..Walao!!i scare for so many things pulak...
Aiyo...although scare, I also have to face it wan..My sista said just treat it as a practice for future's job. Because after finish study, i also gonna work right?So, i just think to treat it as my real job in future. My mum also ask me dun be scare, everything ll be just OK!If don't know how to do and what to do. Just asking! Cos I am a TRAINEE...muahahaa....Okla..I gonna sleep lo...If n0t, tomorrow really can't do my job well^^

p/s: For all my friends who start training tomorrow which same with me, I wish all of us good luck for our training and All the best..

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