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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today is the day already---Saturday, March 28 2009... OFF light for 1 hour day^^

Have you ever noticed that our earth climate had changed?Don't say it's none of your business ,because you are part of the living thing that live in this planet.
Today, 28 March 2009, 8.30pm turn off your lights for 1 hour to show that we can make the difference against the climate changes.For teenagers, ( I am one of them too^^)stop thinking that you can't survive without phone or computer even for 1 hour.Just because of these selfishness will cause the condition even worse.Earth hour 2009 aims to reach more than one billion people in 1000 cities around the world, inviting communities, business and governments to switch off lights for one hour at 8:30pm on Saturday March 28 and sending a powerful global message that we care enough about climate change to take action.

So, we as part of the living thing that live in this PLANET, we must do our part to save it.
Let's do it together!!

P/s: tonight I am going to Look out point..Got there to makesure whether Malaysians really will participate in this world wide events anot..Don't care others peeple will do or not.
If you got the heart ,support Earth Hour 2009.

To do this or not..The decision is in your hand..

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