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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Final Destination of 2010 - The End -

Today, 30-12-2010, is the second last day of 2010.
Good Bye, 2010.
Welcome 2011.

when I am surfing FB, most of my friends posted, what they have done in 2010 and any future planning for 2011.
To me, I do not have any planning in every year. like seriously.
I just graduated, and stepped in working life just for a month. So, previously, my life is study life, nothing much to plan, just study, exam, holidays. study, exam, holidays for 14.5years.
But now, started my working life, everything different.
Everything i have to do myself, face with different people, different thing myself. no longer small girl, i m growing up, big girl now! woots~

In 2010, i have my sweetest memory, either with friends, with my hubby boy and of cos with my family.
A sweet escape with my hubby boy, spent so much time with him before I flied to United Kingdom, before he start to work and so so much time n things we do together.
The study life in UK is the best ever thing, the best memory i had with the Sun of my life - FRIENDS, i m really missed those time. We cooked together, we sing song together , stay up late just to have girls talk together, so so on.
Family Gathering, Family dinner, Sister wedding preparations and much much more also lighten up my life in 2010.

There were sweet memories, of course there were some no good memories too, but it overwrites by all my sweet sweet memories already..weewee~~ so i m not gonna talk about it! =)

What've I done in 2010?
Dunno, is the first word that pop out from my little-rusty-useless-c2pid brain.

Jan - Just finished my Advanced Diploma in TARC.
Feb - Got my result *satisfied* , then Holidays
March - Holidays
April - Part time job in KL
May - Quite the job, prepare things needed for UK study and
spent time with my hubby boy. go vacation.
June - Sept - At UK, study + play + travel
Oct - Be a helper for Sister Wedding, starting to get a job.
Nov - Decided to work at Sg, Come over Sg for interviews.
Dec - Start to work.

This is my 2010.

Consider as a ful-filled year for me? No? Yes? lol
No Idea.

Million of Thanks to all the people who helps me alots in 2010.
Thanks to my family who always give me support neither physically nor mentally, appreciate it and i m so grateful that I got YOU guys in this life, i mean i was borned in such a lovely n happy family.We are not rich but we are one big happy family.
Thanks to my hubby boy, who really helped me alot alot. Even, he's now at oversea, he still help me do this n that..hihi..and his 10ports for me, it's really work, i can do better because of this. *muakz and i love you lots*

What will it be for my 2011?
No one knows right?
I have to write it myself, i have to paint it myself. I want a colourful, wonderful, beautiful life.
Can i make it?
Gambateh.I have to say.

LIFE is the thing that everyone go thru in everyday. Some might have difficult life, some might have easy life, some might no need work can still alive, some might be no work = no life.
Different people, different life.
So, I m gonna make myself a good life, A wonderful life. A easy life for my family. A lovely life for my hubby boy.
Same goes to you, fight for the things u target, for things that you want. I believed, one day. You can make it and be proud of urself. Let ur family be proud that they have a kid just like YOU♥

With lots of LOVE and Courage,

p/s: Love my family.
Love my hubby boy.
Love my friends.

In a nutshell,

Happy new year to all of who are reading this post!
Have a blast!

-The End-

♥ Home sweet Home ♥

i m gonna off to hometown by tomoro..
i miss my home sooooooooooooo much..feels like freaking-damn-long never go back already..
hey guys, i know u guys do miss me alot alot right?
my lovely sister eeling?
both my darling Carmen + Eva?
and of cos my mummy n dad..
i know u guys missed me alot alot..cos no me, no fun hor? hahahah..
i m back=)
purposely took unpaid leave to go back, cos my second liong zi(wife in cantonese) Yiwen's 21st bday, so i m gonna back for her bday party^^ *a suprise*


i will be back to Sg again on Sunday morning..sigh, no choice, no more ticket time for me to choose..T.T
However, can go back , i'm very grateful already ♥ ♥ ♥

i miss my mum's cooking!!
i wan mum to cook all my FAV food and soup..dun care bout diet first..haha


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas =)

Hi People, Here’s the updates for the outing with Nichole last two week ago=)
This mainly will be a picture post as when friends meet together sure got lots of picture right?haha..

So, let’s the picture do the talking.

introduce my colleagua=) Ms Nichole..She's promoting her watch..lolx..

wat's m i promoting??? Christmas Air=) woohoo~~
She's in dreams...hahahaha

in front of the Big big Purple Christmas Tree. my fre said, it reused last year 1, but still looked very nice.. Sg supporting 3R=) haha...

the inside view=)

looked nice? i LOVE purple colour..

cam-whored, my love...
we ate the Sg Biscuit-ice cream.. not bad though..
Tangs building is cute=)

There are so many instruments lantern in front of the ION orchard, however, we only able to captured a few only. cos too many ppl all queue-ing to take picture=)
we joined an event afterwards.

Which we need to draw what LOVE is.....on the mirror, then a photographer will captured our picture then post of FB..

see below...

da la~~here's the picture! weewee~~LOVE is Awesome=)
After walking around along the Orchard road, and did some shopping, we meet up with Siw Fa and Li Qing with their friends as well.
p/s: nice to meet Siw Fa's mummy *harlo aunty* =)

Picture of the day.
* a happy family*

Lots of my friends told me, 2010’s Christmas in orchard isn’t as special as few years back. However, to me, it’s still the best because it’s my first time celebrate Christmas in Singapore=)

p/s: A wonderful outing with my colleagues=)))
Eeping L.O.V.E

Saturday, December 25, 2010


在我的甜心的朋友的部落格, 看到这篇文字, 觉得很对, 就想跟你们分享, 看看你的男朋友有没有这样。如果这篇文字是正确的话, 那我的男人都有符合叻, 那我是这世上最幸福的女人了。。因为他真的很爱我。。哈哈



女人常常會有很多的不開心事情 。在男人看來很多只是很小的事情,甚至不值得去在乎。一個愛你的男人,會希望了解到你在想什麼,會願意聽你的訴苦,聽完你很多的話後,再發表下評論,安慰下你。

年 輕的男人,大多數是愛拼搏的,自己苦一點,累一點,沒有關係,經濟條件有限的人,會自己減少開支,來付出在感情上,有能力的人,則會在做每一件事的時候, 都在考慮關於你的未來。自己吃飯的時候,會在想你有沒有吃,自己在娛樂的時候,總會想到要是能把你帶去就好了,自己在開心的時候,總會想到你這時候會是怎 樣的心情,總之不管自己處於什麼狀態,都會想到你。


兩 個人一起逛街的時候,愛你的男人會走在靠馬路的一邊,而你則在靠馬路里面的一邊,這樣你會很安全。登山的時候,愛你的男人總會在你後面,可以保護著你向上 爬。下雨的時候,總會把傘向你那邊多傾斜一點,即使自己淋濕了,也不想讓你受到一點點的雨淋。刮大風的時候,會緊緊抱住你,不讓你被風吹到……不管在什麼 情況下,都願意盡量減少給你帶去的傷害。


Santa Claus is Coming to Town..

Merry Christmas World..
i wish everyone have a nice n happy xmas celebration and all the best^6^

I hope to get my present from Santa on tomoro morning=)
thx Santa..

p/s: off to countdown at Orchard Street. first time celebration in Sg is kinda fun!
stay tuned=)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sharing is Caring? What do you think?

To me, I think it depends on what you gonna share with others.
Boyfriend/ Girlfriend?
A Diary book?

In my point of view, not everything can be shared. I think most of you have the same thinking with me.
How to share a boyfriend or girlfriend with another?
Monday, Wednesday, Friday is yours?
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is hers/him?
Then Sunday is a rest day for them?
It’s ridiculous. I mean I can’t accept it!!

I got a cousin; she got a diary book from her boyfriend as a gift for special day. The time her boyfriend gave her the diary book. She’s so surprise and happy to get it. My cousin appreciates the diary book so much because it’s the first book that her boyfriend gives to her. Because don’t want to waste the diary book, so she started to record everything in that Limited Edition diary book. She records everything that happened daily, she just writes in everything in her beloved diary book.

But one day, she found that there is another girl having the same diary book with her. It was given by her boyfriend as well.
She was like, OMG~~ how come?? She thought she’s the only one who got that diary.
But it’s not. That girl is a friend of her boyfriend, a normal friend. Why she got it too?

The world of my cousin suddenly becomes so dull and Dark! It’s like the end of the world. The suprise scenery when got the diary keeps flashing back in her eyes. She wanted to cry but she didn’t. She’s so calm and pretending nothing is front of her boyfriend. However, in the end, she told her boyfriend that she knew it.

The boyfriend apologize, he claims that its nothing. Means he and she is nothing. He just wants to buy one for her. What does it means? Just want her to own that diary? Then how bout my cousin???? I was like WTF. From that day onwards, my cousin put that diary book in the drawer, she dun want to see it anymore. She can’t accept that she got the same diary as that girl has and was given by the same guy. FML.

In the end, my cousin forgives him, cos she loves him so much, can’t lose him. She not sure whether her boyfriend got fall for that girl for like one minute? She doesn’t care it anymore. The trust between this love birds have to built up again n again.
I do hope my cousin will keep going with this guy till the end of the world, but who knows? Maybe next time my cousin got the same shirts with another girls? Same pants? Even same boyfriend? Haha.

Let’s time prove everything.

This is just a story to share with you guys =)
Is you guys experience the same thing with my cousin? Hihi..I hope NOT!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

outing with Ceres again ♥ [191210]

today went out with Ceres again=)

It's freaking nice to have u by myside..hihi

i will update more soon, will put pictures to show how satisfied we were when whole table are foods..haah.. *postponed my diet plan this weekend*

Stay tuned=)

Good night World ♡ ♡ ♡

p/s: Ceres, i hope you will get a room soon and no need see that krazy-old-fatty-woman anymore..(rock)
hate her hate her..bully my babe ceres..hmph!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orchard Street ♡ Christmas L♡ VE

First time have a outing with colleagues, we just know each others for two weeks time, then we can hang out already.
It's a GOOD thing ever..
WE all went to Orchard buy Xmas present for the Christmas party on Xmas Eve for our company..weeweee~~ wat will i get on that day? hmmm....excited for it=)

this pic taken from Google=) will shows my pics soon.XD

it's people mountain people sea at orchard, lots of events, lots of performance and got pretty cars parade on the road. but i missed those thing..sigh...

Pictures will be uploaded soon..hihi..

tomoro another outing with ceres baby ^^ weewee~~

thats all for now, its time to be a pig (@,@)

Good night People=))

Sweetdreams everyone=)


p/s: a big credit to Nichole for the Wendy's Burger and Iced lemon tea, thx for the meal..U've made my Day superb nice ❤❤❤

Friday, December 17, 2010

My ♥ for you will never END

A post to show my L❤VE to my hubby boy,
I want to shout out let him know that, MY L❤VE for YOU will never END!!!


With Tonnes of L❤VE,
your BAby girl=))

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Harlo People, i had a hair cut today, the barber name as Eeping..haha..
I cut short my fringe today.
How was it? looked ok anot? i hope u all will say ok ^^
anyhow, ignore my look as i m rooted in my room whole day, watching drama.
Finally i finish the Ko-Mi-Nan, korean drama, today^^
like tat drama a lots and their songs are so nice.
A.N.Jell is so freaking handsome and awesome...

p/s: a new week to go, hopefully my boss will approve my leave on 31st of jan, i m so wanna go home!! Miss my home sweet home...='(

Saturday, December 11, 2010


就算过了无数的日子, 无数的夜晚,






轻轻地吻我的额头 和 嘴唇,


《晚安, 老婆》







对我来说还是一个很长很长的日子 。。



也是我没看到你的第六十二天, 再过多二十六天, 我们就可以相遇了....



爱你, 想你,



伊萍 笔

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When I starting to step into the working life, i know its boring..
But what to do, when growing up, we need to have revolution of life..Study, working, get married, got family and DIE..everyone must go thru the process of LIFE..

I m study those document related to my working this few days. gain some knowledge but yet still BORING!!

But I am kinda like my job..i mean for NOW..hihi..future?? dunno yet...

I hope I can work well with everyone in the company and build my career here=) Wish me luck people..

Last but not least, I MISS YOU!!! my honey *bee*

p/s: another working days for tomoro=)