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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orchard Street ♡ Christmas L♡ VE

First time have a outing with colleagues, we just know each others for two weeks time, then we can hang out already.
It's a GOOD thing ever..
WE all went to Orchard buy Xmas present for the Christmas party on Xmas Eve for our company..weeweee~~ wat will i get on that day? hmmm....excited for it=)

this pic taken from Google=) will shows my pics soon.XD

it's people mountain people sea at orchard, lots of events, lots of performance and got pretty cars parade on the road. but i missed those thing..sigh...

Pictures will be uploaded soon..hihi..

tomoro another outing with ceres baby ^^ weewee~~

thats all for now, its time to be a pig (@,@)

Good night People=))

Sweetdreams everyone=)


p/s: a big credit to Nichole for the Wendy's Burger and Iced lemon tea, thx for the meal..U've made my Day superb nice ❤❤❤

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