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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Final Destination of 2010 - The End -

Today, 30-12-2010, is the second last day of 2010.
Good Bye, 2010.
Welcome 2011.

when I am surfing FB, most of my friends posted, what they have done in 2010 and any future planning for 2011.
To me, I do not have any planning in every year. like seriously.
I just graduated, and stepped in working life just for a month. So, previously, my life is study life, nothing much to plan, just study, exam, holidays. study, exam, holidays for 14.5years.
But now, started my working life, everything different.
Everything i have to do myself, face with different people, different thing myself. no longer small girl, i m growing up, big girl now! woots~

In 2010, i have my sweetest memory, either with friends, with my hubby boy and of cos with my family.
A sweet escape with my hubby boy, spent so much time with him before I flied to United Kingdom, before he start to work and so so much time n things we do together.
The study life in UK is the best ever thing, the best memory i had with the Sun of my life - FRIENDS, i m really missed those time. We cooked together, we sing song together , stay up late just to have girls talk together, so so on.
Family Gathering, Family dinner, Sister wedding preparations and much much more also lighten up my life in 2010.

There were sweet memories, of course there were some no good memories too, but it overwrites by all my sweet sweet memories already..weewee~~ so i m not gonna talk about it! =)

What've I done in 2010?
Dunno, is the first word that pop out from my little-rusty-useless-c2pid brain.

Jan - Just finished my Advanced Diploma in TARC.
Feb - Got my result *satisfied* , then Holidays
March - Holidays
April - Part time job in KL
May - Quite the job, prepare things needed for UK study and
spent time with my hubby boy. go vacation.
June - Sept - At UK, study + play + travel
Oct - Be a helper for Sister Wedding, starting to get a job.
Nov - Decided to work at Sg, Come over Sg for interviews.
Dec - Start to work.

This is my 2010.

Consider as a ful-filled year for me? No? Yes? lol
No Idea.

Million of Thanks to all the people who helps me alots in 2010.
Thanks to my family who always give me support neither physically nor mentally, appreciate it and i m so grateful that I got YOU guys in this life, i mean i was borned in such a lovely n happy family.We are not rich but we are one big happy family.
Thanks to my hubby boy, who really helped me alot alot. Even, he's now at oversea, he still help me do this n that..hihi..and his 10ports for me, it's really work, i can do better because of this. *muakz and i love you lots*

What will it be for my 2011?
No one knows right?
I have to write it myself, i have to paint it myself. I want a colourful, wonderful, beautiful life.
Can i make it?
Gambateh.I have to say.

LIFE is the thing that everyone go thru in everyday. Some might have difficult life, some might have easy life, some might no need work can still alive, some might be no work = no life.
Different people, different life.
So, I m gonna make myself a good life, A wonderful life. A easy life for my family. A lovely life for my hubby boy.
Same goes to you, fight for the things u target, for things that you want. I believed, one day. You can make it and be proud of urself. Let ur family be proud that they have a kid just like YOU♥

With lots of LOVE and Courage,

p/s: Love my family.
Love my hubby boy.
Love my friends.

In a nutshell,

Happy new year to all of who are reading this post!
Have a blast!

-The End-

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