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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas =)

Hi People, Here’s the updates for the outing with Nichole last two week ago=)
This mainly will be a picture post as when friends meet together sure got lots of picture right?haha..

So, let’s the picture do the talking.

introduce my colleagua=) Ms Nichole..She's promoting her watch..lolx..

wat's m i promoting??? Christmas Air=) woohoo~~
She's in dreams...hahahaha

in front of the Big big Purple Christmas Tree. my fre said, it reused last year 1, but still looked very nice.. Sg supporting 3R=) haha...

the inside view=)

looked nice? i LOVE purple colour..

cam-whored, my love...
we ate the Sg Biscuit-ice cream.. not bad though..
Tangs building is cute=)

There are so many instruments lantern in front of the ION orchard, however, we only able to captured a few only. cos too many ppl all queue-ing to take picture=)
we joined an event afterwards.

Which we need to draw what LOVE is.....on the mirror, then a photographer will captured our picture then post of FB..

see below...

da la~~here's the picture! weewee~~LOVE is Awesome=)
After walking around along the Orchard road, and did some shopping, we meet up with Siw Fa and Li Qing with their friends as well.
p/s: nice to meet Siw Fa's mummy *harlo aunty* =)

Picture of the day.
* a happy family*

Lots of my friends told me, 2010’s Christmas in orchard isn’t as special as few years back. However, to me, it’s still the best because it’s my first time celebrate Christmas in Singapore=)

p/s: A wonderful outing with my colleagues=)))
Eeping L.O.V.E

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