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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sharing is Caring? What do you think?

To me, I think it depends on what you gonna share with others.
Boyfriend/ Girlfriend?
A Diary book?

In my point of view, not everything can be shared. I think most of you have the same thinking with me.
How to share a boyfriend or girlfriend with another?
Monday, Wednesday, Friday is yours?
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is hers/him?
Then Sunday is a rest day for them?
It’s ridiculous. I mean I can’t accept it!!

I got a cousin; she got a diary book from her boyfriend as a gift for special day. The time her boyfriend gave her the diary book. She’s so surprise and happy to get it. My cousin appreciates the diary book so much because it’s the first book that her boyfriend gives to her. Because don’t want to waste the diary book, so she started to record everything in that Limited Edition diary book. She records everything that happened daily, she just writes in everything in her beloved diary book.

But one day, she found that there is another girl having the same diary book with her. It was given by her boyfriend as well.
She was like, OMG~~ how come?? She thought she’s the only one who got that diary.
But it’s not. That girl is a friend of her boyfriend, a normal friend. Why she got it too?

The world of my cousin suddenly becomes so dull and Dark! It’s like the end of the world. The suprise scenery when got the diary keeps flashing back in her eyes. She wanted to cry but she didn’t. She’s so calm and pretending nothing is front of her boyfriend. However, in the end, she told her boyfriend that she knew it.

The boyfriend apologize, he claims that its nothing. Means he and she is nothing. He just wants to buy one for her. What does it means? Just want her to own that diary? Then how bout my cousin???? I was like WTF. From that day onwards, my cousin put that diary book in the drawer, she dun want to see it anymore. She can’t accept that she got the same diary as that girl has and was given by the same guy. FML.

In the end, my cousin forgives him, cos she loves him so much, can’t lose him. She not sure whether her boyfriend got fall for that girl for like one minute? She doesn’t care it anymore. The trust between this love birds have to built up again n again.
I do hope my cousin will keep going with this guy till the end of the world, but who knows? Maybe next time my cousin got the same shirts with another girls? Same pants? Even same boyfriend? Haha.

Let’s time prove everything.

This is just a story to share with you guys =)
Is you guys experience the same thing with my cousin? Hihi..I hope NOT!!

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