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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

i watched Sherlock Holmes with baby boy just now..
Well, its a really nice movie...haha...same as avatar , both also nice movie..
But this 1 is more on detective style movie, finding clues for investigation and every scene become more n more interesting..XD
Sherlock Holmes is on the big screen!!

and its a bit funny as well as they way they talking and they way two of the main characters which is Sherlock Holmes and his good buddy, Watson talking to each other...^^

today, 31/12/2009, as the last day of 2009..
What do you guys think? A new year will coming very very soon as the Day after Tomorrow..
what had you guys done and what havent done?
Oh my!!
i cant really think of wat i had done and what havent done, i just think about what done nicely and what goes worst? lolx

okok, no more lung-language (废话)..
tomoro will going up to the Hill, Genting if the plan going smoothly...Xd
and, the second plan as the same as Christmas--->The curve...A bit sien edi but then if all my frens say yes, then go there lo as i wish to countdown with bunch of my classmates.
Tomoro, i will officially introduce the boyfriend to my gang although they all like know him very well..through stories....hihi...

ok, its getting late edi..i gotta settle my Final checking for my Final Year Project as hope my hardcover binding can be done before 7th of Jan...God, bless-ing me plz...


Happy New Year to you all who is reading my blog..Xd the for viewing and keep going be my supporter although I m not really update my blog Frequently..hihi...

Let's waiting for a Better 2010...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve countdown ^^

how you guys spend your Christmas Eve?
stay at home countdown alone?
go out with bunch of frens?

spend time with ur lovers?

For me, i like to go crowded place to countdown for special festivals neither Christmas Eve nor New year eve^^
Because i think it will be fun if all gether together to celebrate it and share our happiness..
Went to Genting countdown for Christmas last year with baby..
This year went to The Curve with my baby boy and meet up some frens there XD
I m really had fun there and meet some new frens, they are baby's uni frens.
Besides that, I also meet up with my frens who is pei jiun, cammy, jia yin and some so called juniors frens..haha

Baby come picks me up after his class. and i skip class tat day just to make this..

nice? a big suprise for him..
thx cs for the cake mould and pei jiun for the oven and the mixer..*a big bow*
he also suprise me with a gift box..inside the gift box is many type of my Favourite chocolate..hihi..thx my baby boy..^^
p/s: for sure i will gain lots of weight lor..

Heading to The curve..
I watched Avatar with the boyfriend, its really nice! Can said as the Movie of the Year..
movie star : ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The movie takes us to a spectacular new world beyond our imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on a journey of redemption and discovery, as he leads a heroic battle to save a civilization.
super duper nice, the animations look vivid and the story line is really interesting.
who havent watch it, mustn't miss this movie...

Before the movie, we go T.G.I. Friday to nom nom..
spent RM 170 for the dinar..XD
OMG, no more delicious dinar for the next week edi...haha

okok,its picture times..XD
took come pictures b4 while waiting for the food..XD

black and white match..

the appetizer..

my main course, not bad but alots, i cant finish it alone ^^

baby's main course

the dessert--mini dessert + mud pie
both also not bad..

After the movie, go to meet up with baby's frens...

we captured some pictures..
below are all my pictures as baby be my personal photographer that night..Xd.. haha

took picture with the Avatar as well...haha

heart this picture..
baby said this is my favourtite way to take picture..haha..i would say YEs..
it is a special way and i like tat way..XD
captured even in the car park..XD

under the Christmas tress

even with the transformer..

well, transformers meant alots to both of us..XD

People around there all "Spraying".
after the movie at Cineplex, me and baby walk through the crowded area and meet up his frens at the Street there.
Luckily din kena any spray..hihi

see the crowded ppl..

baby straight away kena spray after meet his frens..
notty notty Jian...bully my Bf..

still acting "V.V" although kena spray..haha

Jian also kena..nice job, tho..haha

Jian with the Lolipop..XD
his gf gave him wan..XD

new frens--> doou han and hooi ping..XD
nice to meet u guys..
the sweet couple, but of cos not sweeter than mine...haah
**shy shy face**

Having yumcha session at Starbucks..and took a Group photo..hihi..
Triple date..XD

Last but not least,

Picture of the day...
p/s: the only 1 couple photo on that day..Xd

Does the Santa is really exist in this world?
If yes, I wish He can make my dreams come true and give peace to the world where we live..
God, bless us....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shopping is LOVE

I spent the whole Xmas with the boyfriend and his family...hiakhiak~~
Merry Xmas World..** I hope i m not Toooooo late to wish you guys...Xd
and i went to piramid, Sg. Wang and Timesquare to Shooping...
woohoo~~Spent RM150... bought 6 suits, some shirts and some dress, plus some vincci accessories as well...Damn cheap...
Okay...Girls, there are lots of sales right all shall make your move right now...hihi...
aiks...advertisement sikit pulak..XD
ok, now i m gonna searching for a pair of shoe and some bags plus a belt..hihi...
anyones can give any suggestion?hihi..
ok, gtg...cos gotta catch up my work after few days Holidays...hihi
ohya, my exam timetable came out edi..
15/1, 18/1, 20/1...
woo~~~hope those paper wont be so tough...God, bless us...hope all my frens (including me) can do well for all the 3 paper and graduated and go to UK, **crazy up** again...XD

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I went to watch a show last night with bunch of frens..
6 of us incluidng pei jiun, wilson, bing yao, wanting , hui min and me..
We got the Premier show ticket for [The Treasure Hunter]
so, 不看白不看, go watch it although PED havent done..hiakhiak~~
this show will only upcoming on this thursday, but we got chance to watch it first...XD
thankies to pei jiun <3<3<3 thx for the ticket..

It is a 2 hours movie but, it was not a nice show, can say to be a very bad movie star...
and i dunno wat is "ling zhi ling" doing inside there besides stand like a Vase--花瓶...but got 1 part she turns become wild and want to kill Jay chou...Xd that is the most funny part, all of us laugh like Hell...hahaahahha
pei jiun love the Wild Ling zhi Ling so muchie...haha

okla, just a small update bout the movie..
and now gotta settle my ped 1st then only cna enjoy tonight de BBQ party...XD

and my sweetheart is now at langkawi enjoy herself, wearing bikini and walking around the seaside, enjoy the sea waves, the winds and the scene....
enjoy ur trip baby..
and rmb....bring back chocolate for me k?
is a must...XD

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


- 共存(Codependent)
- 反依(Counterdependent)
- 独立(Independent)
- 共生(Interdependent)










你曾经以为他不是你梦寐以求的那种类型,然而,有一天,你会惊讶的发现,他已经变成你喜欢的那种类型,你不必再到处寻觅,他就是你要找的人。深深爱着一个人的时候,你原来真的会一点一点的失去自 己,为什么你还会觉得快乐呢?大概是因为你在失去的时候,你把他的气质和微笑都赚回来了。



p/s: post grab from an e-mail...^^

Thursday, December 17, 2009

White out !!!

Just a random post^^

All this picture taken on the other day...^^
8 of us gao gao zhan while waiting for the class...hihi...
all of us had a great time by captured so many picture...XD

8 of us <3

the guys try to capture some picture while they are jumping..^^
but, this 1 mission failed...

this is the only one ngam ngam captured the jumping style..Xd
Ah leong summore press on the Alex's head..
not really press on it la...借位

take 1 =)

take 2 =))
p/s: wan ting and ah leong look so fierce lo..scare scare lo..

monkey aka KC dancing the hindu dance..XD

take two..Xd
he is really talented rite?XD

guys...focus on KC..the face, one word (串)
sate orang lo...

get high^^

ah leong jumping like rocket lor..

PIcture of the DAY...