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Thursday, December 17, 2009

White out !!!

Just a random post^^

All this picture taken on the other day...^^
8 of us gao gao zhan while waiting for the class...hihi...
all of us had a great time by captured so many picture...XD

8 of us <3

the guys try to capture some picture while they are jumping..^^
but, this 1 mission failed...

this is the only one ngam ngam captured the jumping style..Xd
Ah leong summore press on the Alex's head..
not really press on it la...借位

take 1 =)

take 2 =))
p/s: wan ting and ah leong look so fierce lo..scare scare lo..

monkey aka KC dancing the hindu dance..XD

take two..Xd
he is really talented rite?XD

guys...focus on KC..the face, one word (串)
sate orang lo...

get high^^

ah leong jumping like rocket lor..

PIcture of the DAY...

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