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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring clean Day!

It's my company annual spring clean day today!
Went out till very late yesterday, so today look like time to dress up nicely..just put on a cap then ciao edi;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

LDR - Long Distance Relationship

I miss u bee...
Normally when I come back , u r here already, waiting for me to come back..
Today? Really different...I need to open the door myself, on the light myself, dinner alone, lying on bed online..
I miss the time u sit in front the lappie and do bidding...
I miss u..really! No matter how many ' i miss you' also couldn't express the feeling inside my heart!
I don't want to cry but my tears keep in falling down..

You're now 9766 miles's the weather there? Is Rio de Janeiro same as the movie 'Rio De Janeiro'?
Bee might can meet 'Blu' there? Lolz..

from now on, No one open door for me, no one waiting me to come back home, no one refill water for me, no one do laundry for me, no one help me pay bills when i forget, no one help me to throw rubbish, no one help me to hang back my towel..see., how important u r to me! Not only the works u did but ur patient with me, ur pampered me a lot..thanks bee!

I hope everything's fine there;) and u hope time flies fast, so that we can meet up soon ;)
I miss u bee....

But, No worry...after few day, I will b alright! Independent girl edi..
Nah~ maybe one week, max! Yeah~ after that I will b alright!
I m big girl already now!
I can settle things myself!

With love,
eeping 💋