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Thursday, November 26, 2009

What a busy day today !!

today, wake up at 8.15am, mother effing early just to doll up myself and packing up, heading to my boyfriend house..
I m so so so sorry to say that "I m skipped class today"...o0ops...sorry, Mr. Yong...

O.M.G!!! I m pretty sure u guys thought i skipped class just to go boyfriend's house..nonono..definitely A big NO!!
OK, listen to my explanation, people...

My boyfriend stay at Shah Alam, and I need his help to be my personal driver, fetch me to a manufacturer company just to meet a person named Mr. KC.
I have make an appointment with Mr. KC regarding my FYP =Final Year Project..

so, u guy understand me now?XD (syok sendiri explain -_-''')

I go early in the morning cos of the below reasons:-
(i) i cant wait to see my boyfriend.
(ii) He promise to bring me for nom nom for the "HOCHAK" klang Bak Kut Teh.
(iii) I scare i will be late for the interview if i go for class until 12 noon, the appointment was set at 3pm.


After the interview which finish at 4 smth, reach boyfriend home almost 5. Then, watched Jennifer's Body with him..I tell you what, this movie ar~~ Fxxx-ing boring movie...I thought it will be a nice show since acted by Megan Fox, the hottie..But, ya~~ sorry to say that IT was not movie star was given...

After that, chatting session with baby awhile, then having dinar there..
Boyfriend's mum cook quite many dishes as compare to normal days..That's what my boy told me...**teehee** thanks auntie...and you are really look younger than your age=)

Afte the dinar, rest awhile..I m have a chit chatting section with auntie, she told me lots of things and ask me lots of thingy as well..It's good for us to be more understand each other...XD
SAy good bye to both his parents bout 9, heading to Sunway to give back my auntie the steamboat thingy that i take from her last time..XD

Boyfriend wants to give his fren a suprise bday celebration, so we bought a cake planned to suprise her in front of her condominium.
Unfortunately, mission fail.. T.T
The Blur gal sent wrong address to us and we gone to wrong block, like tat how to suprise leh?~.~'''
then, we go to the right block and blow the cake again...XD
Happy bday Sui Jing, the sweet gal....
Stay happy and stay pretty..Long long 99 with ur "Priston"

fine, after the celebration, home sweet home..
Boyfriend gave me a new CPU, so we do a testing on it..After the testing, then he going back since it was getting quite late edi....

And after "Kiss Good BYe" to the boyfriend,
I m here, sitting in front of my old but seems new, cute but not really pretty PC to blogging about "What a busy day today!!"


p/s: sista wanting heading to take her health report today, i hope to get a god news from her tomoro..
no worry, i m pretty sure she will be OK...
And my beloved mummy,
she will going for a checking at hospital tomoro, I really hope that everythings will be OK!!
Dear the Lords, please tell me that it will be just a normal checking..and tell me that nothing's gonna happen...
**Pray hard-ing**

okla, this is a No-photo post..
good night, World....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I met him today...
a big smile from the bottom of my heart...

Monday, November 23, 2009

the best jimui's bday^^ (update version)

aww~~~ i know this is a long-time-ago post..haha..kinda busy with my assignments and final projects..So, not really got itme to update for a long post...XD sorry readers~~

okok, here we go~~

30/10/09 was her bday. She was an ordinary girl that always talking, funny and always laughing...always talking talking talking and talking...non-stop..XD
But, hove some times she will keep her mouth shut also..It's when she sleeping..ahhaha...(i sure kena scold when she saw this )xD

But i think i m the lucky one cos she is my best fren. I dun care whether she treat me as her best fren anot, maybe yes maybe not, but I feel grateful that i know her, yaya, i really do...
thx for being my friend al this time, always comfort me whenever i need you, always teach m e wat to do when I face problems, etc etc etc...

30/10/09 her bday, I start to searching for a suitable place for her bday celebration.
da lang~~ finally, i found a place with beautiful decorations, romantics environment, etcetcetc...
Just nice to do the celebration.
ok, now venue settle edi..So, now who should i invite to join the celebration?
of cos all of our frens lo..XD
14 of our frens will join the celebration, i arrange the transport~~
okok, now everything done..

her first bday cake..^^
a big suprise from our class leng chai~~

she feels too suprise till no face

blowing the candle^^

dunno wat's meng hua is doing...XD

first group picture..but y no gals wan..XD
except hui mi

here are the one with all of our class member inside...^^

After the class, we heading to 1U--Garden cafe for another round of bday celebration^^

this is our destination^^

the menu

picture taken while waiting for our food...

the design of the restaurant..

Actually, the concept more or less same with the Fullhouse..
Went there before? then you will know all the similarities~~
garden style decorations...romantics environments...nice piano it had...lots of flowers...etc etc etc...same feels with the Fullhouse...

personally heart this pic very muchie~~

the main entrance

all the deco can be sold...u just choose watever u want and pay at counter^^
but, it's not cheap k?

welcome to Garden Cafe..

playing around with the cute little pot..
nice and cute...

me and bday gurl also...
**yiak~~my hand looks so [Muscle]**

not forget the gurls picture**teehee**

this is part of our planning..aiks..not so "our"
actually, it was yc and cs's plan..
the purposely buy thig just to make her disappointed, but i knew she edi noe the plan...XD
since she so clever XD

ok, the real cake..her second bday cake^^


from left: byao, yjian and lewis^^

dunno wat happen to ck's eyes...XD
three "strip" people..
5 gurls again Xd

us with wilson..= 6 "gurls"

the celebration was kinda happy and funny...a bit suprise also..
afte that, did some shopping at 1U, planeed to buy her bday present, but end NOTHING...
but, got special things happen....
see below...

pei jiun them "force" her to "dress" up...lolx
but nice also huh? yeah~~ my jimui is a leng lui...u all mai zao gai ya~~

plan to buy this..but, end up bought a dress from Forever 21...XD

last but not least...
picture of the day^^
p/s: both of us laugh like hell when taken this photo..XD

wan to sleep lo...
tomoro going to a site visit for my final year project...well, yeah~~ i m goning ALONE...
hope i will get wat i need for my FYP..
God, bless me...

a short note to my dearest honey **bee** :-
dun worry, baby...i will take good care of myself, wont get hurt, will jaga-jaga whne walking, looks up and down and not forget the left and right as well, wont hit anything, wont fall down..
[say likei m very "lun chun" pulak]
Cos i dun wan you sakiy hati when see ur bao bei get hurt... ~~hiakhiak~~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A story get from hotmail^^


的毛毛熊,在各種生日禮物中,這根本算不上是禮物. 女孩有些生氣,也許更多的是憤怒,沒想到自己男朋友這麼小氣,今天是她的生日,還來了這麼多朋友. 去年男孩在她生日的時候送了她一把很名貴的藏刀,男孩發誓說,如果有一天他背叛了女孩,女孩可以用刀劃破他的胸膛. 今年,兩個人一直在討論兩個人的未來,這麼多朋友都來為女孩慶祝生日,是男孩說在生日哪天會給女孩一個終生難忘的禮物.結果似乎一切都出乎大家的以外,當然主要是女孩

女孩終生難忘. 女孩在聚會中喝了很多酒,而男孩只是在旁邊静静的喝着可樂.聚會結束,他們要回到自己的小家,上了公路,女生一直很憤怒,一直在埋怨,車的後排座放了很多名貴的禮物,當然還有那只毛毛熊.女生開始抱怨男孩不愛她,不珍惜他們的愛,男孩只是静静的開着車,什麼也沒有說,偶然會有一絲笑在臉上.


熊,毛毛熊在他的要求下,被醫護人員帶上了救護車,他在這個世界上最後的一段路,就是這只小熊一直陪着他. 女孩得知男孩離去的消息,一直在哭,哭的昏过去了好幾次. 一個有心的護士把小熊送到了她的枕邊.女孩再一次從昏厥中醒來,看着小熊上邊有着男孩的血,似乎有着男孩的體温,她緊緊的把它抱在了胸前,輕輕的摸着它.突然摸一件很硬的東西,女孩從小熊的口袋裡摸出了一件東西,一個戒指盒,裡面有一隻漂亮的鑽石戒指,女孩看到這一切,切底崩潰了.她拼命的哭,用力的撕着自己的頭髮和頭上的繃带,但是一切似乎都没有意義了.

身上的血跡已經被擦干,他干干净净的,安詳的躺在那裡,嘴角還是有着一絲壞壞的笑,女孩用手摸着男孩的頭,淚水從眼角劃落,她不想哭出聲,因為男孩不喜歡她哭. 女孩第二天就出院了,回到了他們曾經愛的港灣.打開房門,她被眼前的一切嚇呆了,房間裡滿是玫瑰,桌子上有一個大大的蛋糕,旁邊的一個保温餐盒和一張卡片.打開餐盒裡面是她最愛喝的湯, 打開卡片裡面寫着:嫁给我,你一輩子都不會後悔,你一輩子都會感覺温暖,我會一輩子讓你幸福,我會一直守侯在你的身邊,我會每天叫你起床,為你做你喜歡的早餐,送你上班,時刻惦記你,随時給你電話和信息,不讓孤獨的感覺伴隨你一時一刻,晚上我會接你下班,為你做晚飯,晚上讓你在我的懷中睡去後再静静睡去.家裡事情你做主,但是家務還是我來吧,我身體比較好點.如果應酬,我會在11點前回家,如果出差我會把你這幾天食物準備好,當然還有你愛吃的零食.其實愛情就是簡簡單單兩個人的幸福,我們的幸福才剛剛開始,希望……女孩再也看不下去了,她看到了房間裡仿佛滿使他們的歡聲笑語,滿是他們的蜜語甜言,往日的情景一下子,涌入了她的心頭,她在自責,在懊悔,在埋怨…… 想着到底是誰背叛了那曾經美好的東西.

候變的尖銳,曾經的歡笑這個時候變的灰色.男孩火化的那天女孩沒有去,女孩一個人静静的呆在他們愛的港灣,躺在他們經常做愛的床上,看着他們出去旅游时的錄像,輕輕的用去年生日哪天男孩送他那把藏刀割開了自己的手腕…… 窗頭放着一張卡片: 親愛的我來了,沒有你的日子我好難過.是我錯了,你走的這幾天,我一直在回味我們在一起的日子,你的體温你的氣味你的壞笑和你做的飯,你是個騙子你說過一生守護我的,沒有你,一個人睡覺好冷的,沒有你做飯我肚子好餓,沒有你在身邊我好孤單,你慢點走,我來了,雖然你沒有實現你的承諾,但是我還是真的愛你,壞蛋我來了,慢點走,在前面等我,我來了……

完滿的愛.但是這個世界有着最愛你的人和你最愛的人.當最愛你的人和你最愛的人是一個人的時候,告訴你.你是幸福的,有些人往往是三角戀,也許你不懂我的愛.我想看了這篇日誌你應該明白點吧.呵呵 不說了 希望看完這篇日誌的人珍惜眼前的一切 不要因為一點小事鬧大架 !!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

a short note for my sweetheart

Dear my sweetheart,

I just read your post.
Well, you noe me well and u did noe that i ll comfort you after i read your post...
But, i gotta apologize to you that I m so so sorry for not always been there for you whenever u need someone to talk too..** my heart fills with tonnes of guiltiness right now**
I m knada busy with my final year project right now, I went to Malacca just for a case study and i will go to Sungai Buloh for another case study too..So, i m really really busy right here...I hope u understanding me..My study is really really important to me..But, You are important to me too..

Actually i dunno wat i should tell you to comfort you..Just to let u know that Your mum and dad is really love you..Although they both not really good in presenting their love for u, the y do love you as the way the love ur brother.
They didn't mention it, doesn't mean they do not love you, just like my parents.
Everytime I got good result, even i got scholarship, they never say i m good and never give some present just to encourage me..But, i know they love me even they did not show it out..
Based on statistic from oversea, Asian people really hard to Say I Love You than those ang mo out there. So, we are Asian, our parents are Asian..of cos have certain level of so called "Asian-ness" XD [I hope you will get wat i mean....]

All I want to say is,Sweetheart, dun be so emo, cheers up^^
If something you can do for ur family now, just do it while u are stay at home. If u are not stay with your family, i m sure u will get homesick, a serious wan..Just like me...
I cant stand there and just looks at my mum carry those heavy things, see my dad wash the trailer by its own, I do wish i was there to help them do all the things, dun want them work so hard, I always do..

Cheers up sweetheart ^^
If u want someone to talk to, you noe i will always be there for you. I will talk to you no matter how busy I am..

with Love,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2010 is A.W.E.S.O.M.E

i just done my project management 2 assignment..Damn 99 tired right now..
as what the 宫心计 said 苦中一点...

i watched 2012 with the boyfriend today^^
this movie was just awesome, u guy mustn't miss it..

well, will updated later ya~~
and he bought me a RoXY purse..thx baby...

i wan oi oi chu right now lor..
good night everyone ^^

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

徐佳瑩 - 失落沙州

I am addicted to this song
hope u guy will like it too^^

Sunday, November 15, 2009


但你甘愿被麻烦, 对吗?^^

第一时间就想到你,打给你, 告诉你, 问你如何是好。。。
但我遇到问题时, 虽然你不能第一时间在我身边,但电话那头的你就会第一时间安慰我,
no matter 你在哪, 在干嘛,你会马上停止一切, 慢慢地跟我说解决方法。。。
你就是这样疼我,宠我, 爱我

你总会帮我做一个最明智的决定, 让事情搞定。。

这句话真是让我超级无敌 放心, 窝心, 温馨。。。

二零零七年七月三号的决定一试, 这一试, 就试到了两年以后的我们的不可取舍

你说:“那么一天绝不会到来, 对你的爱永远都不会嫌多!”
这时的我,无言以对, 只因我 已被你的爱给融化了。。。

只有:“我爱你, 你爱我, 我为你,你为我。”


Thursday, November 12, 2009

outting with the boyfriend..

Hanging out with the boyfriend yesterday..Did some shopping and buy belated burday present for myself and also for wilson..**really really belated bday present**

Shopping is LOVE

p/s: there are two more present to go, so i ll go shopping on this week again to get my "mission" done ^^

catch a movie named Phobia 2..
movie star: -
This show was
scary but not that scary, nice but not so nice...

That was because, this movie had 5 stories to go..some of the story nice but some did not..
so, overall = OK

the first story = Novice

Synopsis = the story focusing on a 14 year old; Pey, who has committed a crime Pa-Hin (throwing rocks) (being on the motorcycle throwing rocks to the cars windshield waiting for the car to crashed then steal money and other valuable items from the owner) and in order to keep the news low his mom decided that Pey must get ordained to become a buddhist novice to escape the crime he committed, under the guise of a monk, Pey remains unnoticed as a criminal. However, something deep down inside is bothering him. As he spend the night in the woods trying to meditate something is bothering him, his thoughts and something else. The grip of fear tightens as he realizes that 'karma' has no friend or foe when deciding a man's fate or fortune.

p/s: this story had scary parts and touching parts as well...Pey din noe that the car that he throw stone on was his dad's car, and he is the one who caused death for his dad..He was effing regret but all is too late..**sadcase**

The second story = Ward

**The old man standing on him and vomit blood to his mouth yiak~**

Synopsis = Arthit; a playful teenager crashes his bike and breaks both legs. At the hospital he has been moved from the ER room to a shared room. In the room, there is an old man in a coma who has been waiting for almost a month for his family to decide to pull the plug on his oxygen. What happens that night will make Arthit realize that being alone is always better that being around bad company.
p/s: this story was quite scary, been frighten for few scene and the boyfriend kena shocked cos of my screaming also.. **sorry baby**
But, at the end, i m not really understand how the old man get into Arthit's body and Arthit turns to be Him ?????

The third story = Backpackers
**like residents evil, too fake**

** pulling her go away from chasing by the Zombies**

Synopsis = Upon graduation, a young Japanese couple decided to travel around Thailand by backpacking. After failed attempts to hitchhike from Samui island to Bangkok, the boyfriend waves a 1,000 Baht note in hopes to entice passing cats to pick them up. What is hiding inside the truck's trailer? Is there something deeper and darker that lurks behind the kind smiling face of the truck driver who lets them hop in? The answers to these questions will cause an adrenalin rush like no other.
p/s: i m not relly like this story cos its like resident evel, and even worsen then that,,Just too fake and Zombies not really been categozied as Ghost rite?

The forty story= Salvage

** Searching for his son-- Toey**
Synopsis = Nuch is a car dealer. She makes her living by rebuilding severely damaged cars. But little do unsuspecting bargain hunters know, beneath the new upholstery and shiny repainted exteriors are cars with horror pasts. One night after closing the car garage she discovers her son is missing. Reviewing the security camera tapes she sees her son climb inside a car that she recently bought but nowhere on tapes has him climbing out "Cemetary Garage" where you drive off with more that you bargained for.
p/s : dun ever buy secondhand car, cos u will never know wat's happen to the previous owner...

The last story = In the End

Synopsis = Ter, Puak, Shin and Aey are the movie crew of an upcoming horror movie. They are shooting their last scene. On the last night, Puak is trying to be cool and tells one of the sick cast members that, "the show must go on". So when that actress accidentally dies during the filming she makes sure to come back from the dead to finish her role. The four of them must shoot the movie that has a real ghost playing the role of ghost in the end. and the main actress must not know about this.

p/s: this is the most interesting story..Scary + funny..
the whole cinema like pasar, screaming, laughing, taking..XD and my baby was just laughing like do I...~~hiakhiak~~
the story was just too nice and all the audience really din expect the ending..XD
Thumbs up...

last but not least
here attached a trailer..hope u all enjoy it..

Monday, November 9, 2009

There is always Tomorrow

Everything in life [changes] you in some way,
even the smallest things.
If you do not [accept] these changes,Add Imageyou do not accept Yourself.
For through these changes
brings new and greater things to you,
making you wiser as time progresses.
To avoid these changes is a loss.
You only live your life once...
Do not waste a minute of it avoiding things

Let them come to you, and learn from them.

* There is always tomorrow *

Friday, November 6, 2009

2days1 night Genting-ing (review ~.~)

~I'm Yours~
picture taken outside the snow world

p/s: more updates will come after i m back from my home sweet home this sunday..
Grandma's brufday celebrations this weekend, so i m gonna see all my cousin soon...**Excited**
happy bday my lovely and lovely....beside lovely still lovely grandma...
stay happy and stay young forever^^ muakz...
i LOVE you deep deep...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

tomoro and thursday i will not be around KL...XD i m "outstation-ing" to a place that can spend time with my honey sweet honey **bee** <3<3<3

will be bak on thursday night..

p/s: sorry my sista Kai ting, i think i cant make it on this thursday night's dinnar...

We will date for another round k?^^

take care and lub u always...

ohya~~ sista hui min and sista wan ting...anything happen this two days, just do as much as u can to cover me kay? lub u two too...hiakhiak~~

Undeniable that i had 2 good sista who always by my side...^^


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hui min's bday celebration at Garden cafe, 1U. I m pretty sure that day she was totally freaking happy and suprise...XD
Last but not least...
Welcome to SEXY, Legal 21st world^^

p/s: will update more about my jimui's bday after i get all the pictures^^

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gals outing^^ on 08102009

Last two weeks, had an outing with my girlfriends who is Steph and Ice..XD
It's been quite a long time that 3 of us din hang out together edi..Well, timing problems again..All busy with self-thingy so seldom to meet up together although all are staying at the same area..XD ** how funny it is**

Actually , it was an belated bday celebration for me but then no cake no bday songs, just a normal sing k session and we had fun..XD *cake is very very fattening 1, not really like it *

sista Steph

sista Ice


sing until so Syok~~



huh???? pitching run edi?XD

Group pic =)
take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

take 5
p/s: i like this=)
take 6 =)

take 7 =)

after the several take, we decided to ask somebody else to help us take a nice pic..
now and forever...
steph's half face gone..XD

focus on the middle 1..~.^

act cute ~.~

picture of the day ^^

p/s: this was an awesome outing with lots of fun and done some crazy things as well...~~hiakhiak~~

i like the way we sing the " GEt high- F.I.R and also the "Boom booom Pow"
omg~~ it's just hot..XD
hope can hang out with u guy very very soon...again...
last but not least..
thanks for being fren with me just like sister of mine..
Treat me well, take care of me, concern about me and etc etc etc....
a Simple thx credit to both of you...
*a big bow*

1 more thing..
after the sing k session, we are heading to the club with bunch of frens...
have a great dancing stage and nice interior design but the music wasn't good enuf.. not really satisfied...sigh...
overall still ok so lor...