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Monday, November 23, 2009

the best jimui's bday^^ (update version)

aww~~~ i know this is a long-time-ago post..haha..kinda busy with my assignments and final projects..So, not really got itme to update for a long post...XD sorry readers~~

okok, here we go~~

30/10/09 was her bday. She was an ordinary girl that always talking, funny and always laughing...always talking talking talking and talking...non-stop..XD
But, hove some times she will keep her mouth shut also..It's when she sleeping..ahhaha...(i sure kena scold when she saw this )xD

But i think i m the lucky one cos she is my best fren. I dun care whether she treat me as her best fren anot, maybe yes maybe not, but I feel grateful that i know her, yaya, i really do...
thx for being my friend al this time, always comfort me whenever i need you, always teach m e wat to do when I face problems, etc etc etc...

30/10/09 her bday, I start to searching for a suitable place for her bday celebration.
da lang~~ finally, i found a place with beautiful decorations, romantics environment, etcetcetc...
Just nice to do the celebration.
ok, now venue settle edi..So, now who should i invite to join the celebration?
of cos all of our frens lo..XD
14 of our frens will join the celebration, i arrange the transport~~
okok, now everything done..

her first bday cake..^^
a big suprise from our class leng chai~~

she feels too suprise till no face

blowing the candle^^

dunno wat's meng hua is doing...XD

first group picture..but y no gals wan..XD
except hui mi

here are the one with all of our class member inside...^^

After the class, we heading to 1U--Garden cafe for another round of bday celebration^^

this is our destination^^

the menu

picture taken while waiting for our food...

the design of the restaurant..

Actually, the concept more or less same with the Fullhouse..
Went there before? then you will know all the similarities~~
garden style decorations...romantics environments...nice piano it had...lots of flowers...etc etc etc...same feels with the Fullhouse...

personally heart this pic very muchie~~

the main entrance

all the deco can be sold...u just choose watever u want and pay at counter^^
but, it's not cheap k?

welcome to Garden Cafe..

playing around with the cute little pot..
nice and cute...

me and bday gurl also...
**yiak~~my hand looks so [Muscle]**

not forget the gurls picture**teehee**

this is part of our planning..aiks..not so "our"
actually, it was yc and cs's plan..
the purposely buy thig just to make her disappointed, but i knew she edi noe the plan...XD
since she so clever XD

ok, the real cake..her second bday cake^^


from left: byao, yjian and lewis^^

dunno wat happen to ck's eyes...XD
three "strip" people..
5 gurls again Xd

us with wilson..= 6 "gurls"

the celebration was kinda happy and funny...a bit suprise also..
afte that, did some shopping at 1U, planeed to buy her bday present, but end NOTHING...
but, got special things happen....
see below...

pei jiun them "force" her to "dress" up...lolx
but nice also huh? yeah~~ my jimui is a leng lui...u all mai zao gai ya~~

plan to buy this..but, end up bought a dress from Forever 21...XD

last but not least...
picture of the day^^
p/s: both of us laugh like hell when taken this photo..XD

wan to sleep lo...
tomoro going to a site visit for my final year project...well, yeah~~ i m goning ALONE...
hope i will get wat i need for my FYP..
God, bless me...

a short note to my dearest honey **bee** :-
dun worry, baby...i will take good care of myself, wont get hurt, will jaga-jaga whne walking, looks up and down and not forget the left and right as well, wont hit anything, wont fall down..
[say likei m very "lun chun" pulak]
Cos i dun wan you sakiy hati when see ur bao bei get hurt... ~~hiakhiak~~


  1. nice intrO to her>> our jimui~ haha... should invite her to see this~ haha...

  2. yala...i just saw ur comment..XD must ask her to read this alsthough i think i ll get shoot by her...XD anyway, our jimiu is a leng lui also...XD