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Thursday, November 26, 2009

What a busy day today !!

today, wake up at 8.15am, mother effing early just to doll up myself and packing up, heading to my boyfriend house..
I m so so so sorry to say that "I m skipped class today"...o0ops...sorry, Mr. Yong...

O.M.G!!! I m pretty sure u guys thought i skipped class just to go boyfriend's house..nonono..definitely A big NO!!
OK, listen to my explanation, people...

My boyfriend stay at Shah Alam, and I need his help to be my personal driver, fetch me to a manufacturer company just to meet a person named Mr. KC.
I have make an appointment with Mr. KC regarding my FYP =Final Year Project..

so, u guy understand me now?XD (syok sendiri explain -_-''')

I go early in the morning cos of the below reasons:-
(i) i cant wait to see my boyfriend.
(ii) He promise to bring me for nom nom for the "HOCHAK" klang Bak Kut Teh.
(iii) I scare i will be late for the interview if i go for class until 12 noon, the appointment was set at 3pm.


After the interview which finish at 4 smth, reach boyfriend home almost 5. Then, watched Jennifer's Body with him..I tell you what, this movie ar~~ Fxxx-ing boring movie...I thought it will be a nice show since acted by Megan Fox, the hottie..But, ya~~ sorry to say that IT was not movie star was given...

After that, chatting session with baby awhile, then having dinar there..
Boyfriend's mum cook quite many dishes as compare to normal days..That's what my boy told me...**teehee** thanks auntie...and you are really look younger than your age=)

Afte the dinar, rest awhile..I m have a chit chatting section with auntie, she told me lots of things and ask me lots of thingy as well..It's good for us to be more understand each other...XD
SAy good bye to both his parents bout 9, heading to Sunway to give back my auntie the steamboat thingy that i take from her last time..XD

Boyfriend wants to give his fren a suprise bday celebration, so we bought a cake planned to suprise her in front of her condominium.
Unfortunately, mission fail.. T.T
The Blur gal sent wrong address to us and we gone to wrong block, like tat how to suprise leh?~.~'''
then, we go to the right block and blow the cake again...XD
Happy bday Sui Jing, the sweet gal....
Stay happy and stay pretty..Long long 99 with ur "Priston"

fine, after the celebration, home sweet home..
Boyfriend gave me a new CPU, so we do a testing on it..After the testing, then he going back since it was getting quite late edi....

And after "Kiss Good BYe" to the boyfriend,
I m here, sitting in front of my old but seems new, cute but not really pretty PC to blogging about "What a busy day today!!"


p/s: sista wanting heading to take her health report today, i hope to get a god news from her tomoro..
no worry, i m pretty sure she will be OK...
And my beloved mummy,
she will going for a checking at hospital tomoro, I really hope that everythings will be OK!!
Dear the Lords, please tell me that it will be just a normal checking..and tell me that nothing's gonna happen...
**Pray hard-ing**

okla, this is a No-photo post..
good night, World....

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