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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

♥ My New Room ♥

Here is a little update about my room^^

It's a common room with Air con and internet=)

the LOVE shape thingy I make it in Verona, the place where Juliet meets Romeo..
for my hubby boy p/s: a suprise for him, hope he will like it^^

the Wardrobe =)

the Mirror, thx to my owner Brian =)

♡ Sexy Girl clock ♡


our Cups..

the table and Little-tiny-cute TV..haha..

my make-up table..

starting to cam-whore after the cleaning session..=))

Good night World=)

p/s: hope everything will be ok for me to stay with the Landlord.

New Product =)

Did you guys eat before the KFC Egg Tart?

i dinno whether Malaysia's KFC got this, but but....
Singapore's KFC do have THIS!!
and it's FREAKING nice...
yummy-licious ♥♥♥

this is the one^^

hungry already?
So, Grabbed one when u come to Singapore if Malaysia do not have it^^

Eeping ♥♥♥

p/s: one more day to start my working life ='(

Saturday, November 27, 2010

outing with Ceres ♥ [071110]

i wanted to blog about this long time edi, now only i got free time to blog about it.hihi.
On the first week of November, i come down to Singapore for interviews, i stay at here for one week. Thanks for my honey *bee*'s cousin place for me to stay^^

So, here a little updates about me and ceres, we went out together at Orchard. not shopping, we just meet up for dinner, but we chit chat more than eat..lolx..

she like this a lots..hihi..i mean this picture..

does she looked like a Japanese girl? =) kawaii ne~~

this is the japanese riceballs with sweet potato creamy..

looked cute? delicious to eat as well. its some kind of dessert.


the takoyaki, i like this the most..

the special different flavours of popcorn..freaking nice..

kawaiiiiiii ^^

it's time for us to take some couple pictures ♥

♥♥♥ the picture of the Day ♥♥♥

♥ My Advanced Diploma Convocation ♥ [131109]

131110 is a important day, its my advanced diploma convocation..actually, all of my frens also treat this ceremony as a warm up part for our Degree, not much friends got join this, which three of my best friends also din join. (huimin and wan ting & yao) T.T
But yet, it's a fun and happy ceremony..
I am happy to meet up with some of my frens which edi long time din meet up with them..
and here, i wan to thank those people who come over to my convo.
Thanks mum and dad as they just come back from vacation on friday, saturday morning need to wake up early to attend the ceremony..
Thanks to my lovely sister for sending us there and be the cameragirl of the day^^ thanks very much, without you, i wont have to many pictures..
Thanks my sweetheart for attending my convo as i know she got assignments need to hand in, however she can make it to attend the convo..=)
Thanks both my auntis for coming and decoration for the DIY convo present ^^ muakz..
Thanks to my darling Carmen for coming as she need to wake up early in the morning and come over, usually she sleep till 12 at the noon..hihi..
I feel so good and *hang Fok* cos i got such a supportive and lovely family ♥♥♥

i m finally graduated!! (advanced diploma)

♥ my L♥VE, my family ♥

the most important persons in my life ♥♥♥

i'm so in love with them^^

my dad seldom laugh like that in front of a camera..* he camera-shy* haha

the picture of the day ♥♥♥

my dad so funny=)

i love her more than everything, i swear i will love her more n more everyday ♥♥♥

there are five important man in my life, he is one of it. ♥♥♥
the other four is My grandpa, my two bros and my honey *bee*


my sister, love her love her ♥♥♥

my sweetheart ♥♥♥

my darling ♥♥♥
she's a really sweet girl, just ignore her face expression for now.. hihi

my aunty, is a barber=) i always got a FREE hair cut ♥♥♥

my little aunty, who was the youngest aunty, i can talk a lot of crab with her ♥♥♥

with my so called [Dear], kee soon..

pose-ing again..hihi

thanks my honey bee for this pairs of Snoopy^^

with sweet♥

with sweet n lovely sister♥

with ah wing and his cute n pretty gf ♥

with ice and zihao ♥ a love bird ♥♥♥

three of us, thx sis for the camera girl and sweetheart follow us along help me rub my sweats aways^^ haha..

with diploma friends, Alvin and Ah chong ♥

the bestie JoJo, haha, is Jolin ♥♥♥

the best of the best Wilson^^

the best of the best and the best Pei Jiun ♥♥♥

with Mr. Jesse ♥

leng chai n leng lui, Jesse and Liv , a true love bird ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ lovely

its time for group pictures..

wanted to throw away the mortar board..


if you guys did notice, i m the only girl in the

haha..candid shot by my sister..>< but nice though..haha

ok, looking forward for my next coming convo on FEB, One Hotel.

Thanks for reading ♥♥♥