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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


harlo world..
i got an annoucement here..
I will off to Singapore for job interviews..weeweee~~ *happy till fly up in the sky*

I am so lucky to get the interviews..Hopefully
I wont wasted the chance that was given to me..Hopefully i can do well for every interview I got..*if got many*

and here.. I would like to thanks those people who give me their hand in order to let me success go for interview in Sg..

Firstly, Sean, my lovely and nice housemate
he helps me alot alot, he helping me in finding the job vacancy and if i got any problems, i sms him..he straight away call me back assist me..Summore, he said if i got no place to stay, tell him then he try to get one for me..see see, He is such a lovely guy..still available yor~~hihi..

Secondly, my sis and my bro..
both also so support me going to Sg work, especially my bro..thx alot alot..If dun have ur strong support, i think mum n dad wont let me go so easily..i know, if will be far away from you guys if i did get a job in Sg..but..u guy noe my reason right? sis, u noe me so well..and i want to apologize for the mistake i made during ur wedding dinner and all the words and all the unpolite things that i did to you..i m truly deeply sorry about it..Forgive me k?
my sis♥

my bro ♥

Thirdly, i would like to thanks my lovely pretty cousin, Carmen..
thx for her family support by letting me to stay with them, take care of me all the times..and thx her for helping me in practicing the interview..thx alot alot..

my darling ♥

The last but not least, of cos is my superb Bf ♥♥♥
although he is not beside me, but he is helping me as well..
dear ar dear, i also dunno when only I can be a independent girl that no need your help leh?
bee helps me too much, i cant mention it one by one so i will just include in one word, Everything!! Thanks for everything, u helps me physically nor mentally, you give me support whenever i need listen to me whenever i need a listener, you taking good care of me, pamper me just like a little princess♥ no word can describe my thankfulness to you, all I can say is I Love You♥♥♥
he is missing his Gf at the other end of the ocean..
Distance of 10806km apart, I miss you, my honey *bee* ♥

our L.O.V.E will never end ♥♥♥

With lots of LOVE,

p/s: wish me luck people^^

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