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Saturday, November 27, 2010

♥ My Two-weeks Europe Trip ♥ [110910-240910]

Hey People, sorry so late update-ing for my Europe Trip..

Well, i've been so long never update my blog though..I admit i m not a good blogger
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ok, now Let's the pictures do talking ^^

the first country that i visited - Holland.

of cos must take a picture with the windmill..
this was a candid shot by SN=)

thx Jamie for the picture..

the pretty Jolin, this so called Bokeh..XD

one of the famous place, just like wat we saw in the magazines.
its a science museum, now still under construction for interior thingy.

we visited the famous Diamond factory.

the lady said the this diamond cost few million, Do u believe it?
I bet every woman LOVE diamond lots..
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this little tiny trishaw i saw in holland..hihi

there are few type more but i only capture some only..

their taxi..

this car only can for two people..smaller than Kancil..=)

we are having the famous traditional meal at Germany.
the Pork.

before we going up to the castle..

touching the cute mouse..

at Luxembourg, a tax-free small country.

we found this postcard in Luxembourg..>< New Swan castle at Germany.

the Germany Sausage.

Austria is one of the beautiful country in the world.

the view is freaking nice..

at Fernsteinsee-Innsbruk, Austria.

with Micheal Jackson..hihi..He is a Girl=))

All of us at Belgium, a choco country=)

their famous waffles. there are many flavors, and so cheap, it's just 2 euro per waffles.

Rome, the Colosseum..

the sky is so nice, match with the historical Colosseum.

♥ three of us..our shadow, our memory ♥

Milan, the fashion world..=) the picture showed a church, the oldest church in milan..

Verona street^^

their public phone=) and the wall is so unique with those graffiti..

Verona, the Romeo and Juliet place..
This picture show the balcony that Juliet knows the Mr. Right, Romeo...

Romeo ♥ Juliet, a romantic love story...but pity 1..>< the lady taylor-ing something, i got make this too. write names on one piece of cloth that edi made, which showed in the picture is in a love shape..
i make one for my sis and his hubby too..
it costs me 5 euro each..hihi

Next, Switzerland..woohoo~~
the very first time i touch the whitey mikey Snow^^

we build a small snowman..

we built a big one too..He is so HOT!! then melt edi...haha

For My Man♥♥♥

Last destination is PARIS...
we spent three nights at PARIS..

♥ ♥ ♥

took this while on the board on the Seine River.
By taking a Paris boat tour, you can get a glimpse of some of the city's most mythical spots, enjoy a romantic dinner amid the soft glow of light on the water, or just sit back and revel in the fresh air and delicious floating in a scenic setting. then you will never regret to be borned to this world..Everything is so worth it!!!

Eeping vs Eiffel Tower

squeeeeeeeeeeeccccccceeeeeee it^^

a very very nice view ^^

finally it comes to the end of this post, i know it was a long post but i do hope u guys enjoy reading it=)

This is a nice n amazing trip=)

with lotsa lotsa LVE
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