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Saturday, November 27, 2010

outing with Ceres ♥ [071110]

i wanted to blog about this long time edi, now only i got free time to blog about it.hihi.
On the first week of November, i come down to Singapore for interviews, i stay at here for one week. Thanks for my honey *bee*'s cousin place for me to stay^^

So, here a little updates about me and ceres, we went out together at Orchard. not shopping, we just meet up for dinner, but we chit chat more than eat..lolx..

she like this a lots..hihi..i mean this picture..

does she looked like a Japanese girl? =) kawaii ne~~

this is the japanese riceballs with sweet potato creamy..

looked cute? delicious to eat as well. its some kind of dessert.


the takoyaki, i like this the most..

the special different flavours of popcorn..freaking nice..

kawaiiiiiii ^^

it's time for us to take some couple pictures ♥

♥♥♥ the picture of the Day ♥♥♥

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