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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday - There is HOPE

Good morning world.

Suppose to work very hard now as i need to complete my work task today, yet, am here to blog. *suddenly I have the mood to blog * (:

Its Wednesday. Its 8/5/2013. Something Big is going to happen today. Something that’s better for the future. Something for justice.

There is HOPE...
Hopes given by our Hero, hopes given by ourselves to our future.

Hopes everything going to be ok and everything will be in order. We let the leader to talk, to act and to fight for us.

*finger cross*
*praying hard*
*be blessed*


The whole world are eyeing on us now. Hope it won’t turns out to be ugly.

Hope their eyes on us because of our beauty. The beauty of having a hero fights for his residents, fight for country.

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's 505

505 a date that every Malaysian had been waiting for! A date which will create a new page in history of Malaysia!

I believe that Everyone of us had completed that mission to vote wisely!

Understand that this election won't b clean, won't b fair, yet, I m still hoping that this time really can UBAH!

As per what my friends said 换了未必好,不换一定死,而且死的很惨!

I feel this is kinda true, as I believe after UBAH! Won't have any else situation that would be even worst than the current situation!

Yeah~ mission has accomplished!

The way we connected even we come from different part of malaysia!
We all hopes for a change! Ini kalilah UBAH!

Despite this is true or fake, i registered & signed on this petition.I hope this petition is true and it works!

Just for sharing, the newspaper in UK..they know us better!

Last but not least,

*finger cross* for tonight, *finger cross* for the future of Malaysia!
Pray hard!

Hopes that this time we can have a changed, after 55years...

Let's give Malaysia a chance to change! Give the next generation a better future!

Friday, May 3, 2013

The weekend

This weekend, 5/5 is very important date for all Malaysian..

A date that can change the destiny of All Malaysian!

We as Malaysian, must know what to do, must vote wisely! Don't let the bad guy to take control against us!
We must make the right choice!


We may have a brighter future, more secure environment, easier life!

In order to achieve this, all Malaysian, please look into it who you've chosen, are they the right one that can bring us better life but not better figure in their bank account?
Of course, we do not know what will happens when the other parties won, we can't guarantee whether good or bad, yet, guess there won't be any more worst situation as of what all Malaysian experienced now, don't you think so?

Please, make the full use of you right!
Vote wisely! It's just a 5-year-period.what is 5 years when we already put the country in the same hand for 55 years? Are we getting better? Ask yourself, ask you friend, ask your parents..

Hope that this time really can 'UBAH!'

Malaysian, you can do it! Make use of the vote in your hand! Follow your heart!
I believer your heart mean the right thing to do!

Let's change!

For a better living for future generations!