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Friday, May 3, 2013

The weekend

This weekend, 5/5 is very important date for all Malaysian..

A date that can change the destiny of All Malaysian!

We as Malaysian, must know what to do, must vote wisely! Don't let the bad guy to take control against us!
We must make the right choice!


We may have a brighter future, more secure environment, easier life!

In order to achieve this, all Malaysian, please look into it who you've chosen, are they the right one that can bring us better life but not better figure in their bank account?
Of course, we do not know what will happens when the other parties won, we can't guarantee whether good or bad, yet, guess there won't be any more worst situation as of what all Malaysian experienced now, don't you think so?

Please, make the full use of you right!
Vote wisely! It's just a 5-year-period.what is 5 years when we already put the country in the same hand for 55 years? Are we getting better? Ask yourself, ask you friend, ask your parents..

Hope that this time really can 'UBAH!'

Malaysian, you can do it! Make use of the vote in your hand! Follow your heart!
I believer your heart mean the right thing to do!

Let's change!

For a better living for future generations!

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