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Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's 505

505 a date that every Malaysian had been waiting for! A date which will create a new page in history of Malaysia!

I believe that Everyone of us had completed that mission to vote wisely!

Understand that this election won't b clean, won't b fair, yet, I m still hoping that this time really can UBAH!

As per what my friends said 换了未必好,不换一定死,而且死的很惨!

I feel this is kinda true, as I believe after UBAH! Won't have any else situation that would be even worst than the current situation!

Yeah~ mission has accomplished!

The way we connected even we come from different part of malaysia!
We all hopes for a change! Ini kalilah UBAH!

Despite this is true or fake, i registered & signed on this petition.I hope this petition is true and it works!

Just for sharing, the newspaper in UK..they know us better!

Last but not least,

*finger cross* for tonight, *finger cross* for the future of Malaysia!
Pray hard!

Hopes that this time we can have a changed, after 55years...

Let's give Malaysia a chance to change! Give the next generation a better future!

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