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Thursday, May 27, 2010

FireFox is embrassing ==

here attached the pics..
This is the first time i saw this..
Normally, it will only ask whether wan to restore session or start new this kind of funny words..
So, when i saw this i terus Print
damn funny lo, i dinno the Firefox also will be

p/s: just to share this with all of u only..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweetest escape to Langkaweeee...

A 3days 2nights sweet escape to langkaweeee with my honey **bee**

will update after i back from langkaweeeee...muakx..

p/s: hopefully both of us will enjoy ourselves for this trip=)

langkaweeeeee here we come=)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

is going to update about a family gathering very soooooooooooooooon...
Stay tuned=)

Friday, May 14, 2010

a dAy out with sweet♥ and ♥ly aunty

I wake up at 6.15 today..Y so early? cos I need to go UM to take the second dos of the Hepatitis B aunty be my driver and my sweetheart give me an accompany..
However, end up i did a blood test to check whether the immuneration already activated, didn't manage to take the injection before i Fly to UK=) lol..
**gotta call my mummy to tell her bout this, if not she will worry alot alot bout meee....**

After went out from the UM, we heading to Pyramid to have a walk as my aunty gotta rush to her mother-in-law house to do some, me n my sweet♥ waiting for her inside the Pyramid..
Once we went into the Pyramid, then we get started and wanted to shopping d, this moment, we sweat 99 d??!!! There was a Question pop-out in our mine.. >>> eh??!! How come so less people inside it ar? and so less shops open only geh?
we looked at our watch, it's only 9:48 in the MORning..lolx...No wonder la...
THen we walked walked awhile..getting tiring d..
** since yesterday we chit chatting till 3 or 4 smth i the A.M. then wake up so early @.@ **
We heading to Starbucks to have a morning tea while waiting for the

Dark Mocha + Caramel Latte ♥

my love..

her love..

my phone cover also want to take picture ^^
My sis brought from China=)

my sweetheart^^

with my new Adidas Jacket=)

about two hours later, finally my aunty, sweetheart's mum finally done with her cooking then she came to pyramid to meet us up then we having lunch at BBQ Plaza=))

YUMMY Yummy~p~


here we go~~

my lovely aunty=)
p/s: thanks for the fetching babe...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

♥♥♥ Happy Mummy's day to my dearest n prettiest mummy in the World ♥♥♥

Do you all want to know how i celebrate the Mummy's day with my beloved mummy?
Well, it was not a big big celebration but it was a happy and warm mummy's day celebration..
As usual, my uncle n auntie come back to celebrate with their mummy, which is my beloved grandma ♥ This year, not everyone coming back as some of my uncle and auntie busy with their job and their children. However, it doesn't lessen the happiness we did when the family members gathered again=)

like you guy do, i dunno wat to buy for my mum i decided to D.I.Y something for her..hihi..
yeah~i make cupcake for's not really very successful but i bet my mum can feel the effort i put in and my love for her..*bleuk=P*

not much picture was taken.. so, here show u guy those pictures taken on that day=)

this is the most important woman in my life=) ♥♥♥
she do everything for this family after she married to my daddy..she never complained anything also..任劳任怨..i really hope someday she can really stop doing things and go travel all around the world with my dad..i noe this day will coming very very sooooooon cos after i start to work i will hire a Kakak for my the she can command her to do everything...hahahaha

♥♥♥ i m the one who bake this=) ♥♥♥

mama, i love you deep deep..
definitely i will miss you muchie when i go to UK =(

sis is the helper and i love her too..haha

another important woman in my life, who is the one standing in the grandma ♥♥♥

my 3rd auntie and my mummy..

i looked soooooo not-like-me in this pic..hihi

my auntie n my papaand of cos, their mummy, my grandma..hihi

Some words for my mummy...

mummy, I know I might not be the best daughter u have but i will try my very best for it and I will love you till the end of the day..
I want to say sorry to you for all the mistakes i did and all the wrong words i said..
I m truely deeply apologize for all my fault and my hot-bad tempered..
thanks for always pampered me and always cover me from daddy for everything, (mummy is the one who always take all the Atom Bomb from daddy then only show the small small bullets to me only)
Last but not least..
Mummy, 辛苦你了。。。
You are really a Superwoman=)

and I love You..muakz

p/s: mummy, stay healthy and pretty forever so that i can love you forever=) ♥♥♥

my new baby PinkCa♥

baby bought me this baby my early bday gift SINCE i m going to UK bout 4 months to further my study, so he cant celebrate the bday with me lo..sad case...='(
but nvm, i ll be back on end of Sept that time can get a late celebration too..well, i wont mind doh..haha
So sorry for my little reddie..i m going to sell u off..not because u r not good's just simply because i heart Canon camera

Canon Ixus 130=)
my new love..♥♥♥♥♥


playing with some effects..ihih..
can see the fans inside the screen?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

the Peak of my heart=)

yesterday going to 1u with baby..
we watched two movies in a day, our first time to do this..haha..
both movie also thumbs up however, personally i like IPman 2 more..haha..not because it is a Chinese movie or it's about the Chinese cultural or anything's simply because of the storyline and the climax of the two hours's really good=)
*salute to those back scene crew*

then we go to take sticker picture again=)
our second time..the first time in on years ago..
my honey *bee* want to keep it cos i ll leave Malaysia in almost one month time, fly to UK for my degree course..just a four months time stay at UK to complete my study..
**I bet he will miss me more than i miss him..haha..**
of cos i will miss him too..

and he bought me a Levi's jean..OMG~~ i m really not good looking in wearing a long jean..sien..
my big butt looked even bigger..swt ==
*emo edi*
if not because of the God damn weather of UK, i swear i will not wear long jean at ALL..arrrrrrggghhhhh~~~!!!!!

okok, now it's time to let the picture do talking..

on the way to 1U=)

this is wat will i usually do in the car=) haha

after talking the sticker picture=)
we camwhored sendiri

outfit of the day=0
nice ar?
this is my 21st bday present from my bunch of frens=)

my baby=)
our new sticker picture

our old one=) two years ago..

da lar~~~
Picture of the day

p/s: baby, it's really nice to spend time together with you all the time.However, we must appreciate the day we have right now before i make my move to UK about one month later on 3rd of June..
I am gonna miss you 99 and i know you will miss me deeply too..
I love you, my honey *bee*

I hope whatever happened last time IT WONT HAPPENED AGAIN..
I dare to swear to God, I wont forgive you for the rest of my life..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my 1 and a half month of working life=)

i m going to update smth bout my previous job=)
i was working as a telemarketeer in Teledirect Telecommerce Sdn.Bhd., it's a outbound call centre. and this company is listed as TOP 5 call centre in malaysia=)
telemarketeer is a job like calling customer selling the insurance for the insurance company, we acted like the third party to call those selected customers and explain the exclusive offer for them, our job is like a talking brochure explaining all the benefits then try to close that sales, if successfully, we got the commission=)that's wat i do everyday in that one and a half month=))

i worked for 1 and a half month then i quit.. cos i think i m not really suitable for working in sales's really not suit me..
however, my team leader, Jeff..he sayang me a lot a lot..keep helping me to catch up everything, helping me to close sales, and always cover me whenever the project manager observed my call..hihi..

my working tag for access and egress..

my formal wear look=)

nothing much to blog about this as well, cos handphone is restricted to bring in to the call floor..hihi..
i think thats all for this post=)

today is Wednesday=)

yoohoo~~ later is going to catch two of the Hottest movie in the town-- Ironman 2 + IPman 2..hihi
both movies also i got watched the first episod=) both were not bad too=)
some of my frens watched d, they told me that is was damn, make my expectation become higher also=_)

later after i watched d, will blog more bout it k?hihi..

here are the official trailer for both movie=) click on it and watch it on youtube..

Ironman 2


enjoy it lor=)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my New L.O.V.E..

this is my new love=)
bought this for RM 169..and it come with the package which provided with another 2 small of Beblesh Balm=)
after i applied on my face, it's feel like a little bit oily and very fair..however after few minutes, it will matched with our skin, it's quite ok lo.. , this is the official website..
and this is another hong kong website..
Jolin is the ambassador of the Skin 79 BB cream=)

Monday, May 3, 2010


dunno since when everyone is talking bout the i-city located at shah alam=)
a new lantern city, can say so...
there was decorated with lots of different lanterns and the main theme shld be Christmas..a white christmas=)

the place was not bad, and lots of people going there just to have a walk and chit chatting around with the surrounding lantern=)

my baby boy fetch me there and it's just a 5minutes drive away from his house=) so, we having dinner with his dad then we heading to i-city for a short walk for the digestion of foods.. *hiakhiak*

Basically, the i-city was not really THAT special as what my frens told's just a new shophouses area with lots of electronic lighting that make the place bcm special and very bright=)
but, it's still a nice place to hang out with frens, family or love one after dinner=)

here are some pics=)

i-city, shah alam..

that's my boy=)


the tallest lantern christmas tree in i-city..

I became taller d also..

nice? hihi..i like it

take 1

take 2

feels like want to pinch him..the lc face.

then dunno wat he doing d...

spot the diffrences..



our leg...

jump jump jump!!!

frog jump!!

best pic of the day=)

my love =)