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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

♥♥♥ Happy Mummy's day to my dearest n prettiest mummy in the World ♥♥♥

Do you all want to know how i celebrate the Mummy's day with my beloved mummy?
Well, it was not a big big celebration but it was a happy and warm mummy's day celebration..
As usual, my uncle n auntie come back to celebrate with their mummy, which is my beloved grandma ♥ This year, not everyone coming back as some of my uncle and auntie busy with their job and their children. However, it doesn't lessen the happiness we did when the family members gathered again=)

like you guy do, i dunno wat to buy for my mum i decided to D.I.Y something for her..hihi..
yeah~i make cupcake for's not really very successful but i bet my mum can feel the effort i put in and my love for her..*bleuk=P*

not much picture was taken.. so, here show u guy those pictures taken on that day=)

this is the most important woman in my life=) ♥♥♥
she do everything for this family after she married to my daddy..she never complained anything also..任劳任怨..i really hope someday she can really stop doing things and go travel all around the world with my dad..i noe this day will coming very very sooooooon cos after i start to work i will hire a Kakak for my the she can command her to do everything...hahahaha

♥♥♥ i m the one who bake this=) ♥♥♥

mama, i love you deep deep..
definitely i will miss you muchie when i go to UK =(

sis is the helper and i love her too..haha

another important woman in my life, who is the one standing in the grandma ♥♥♥

my 3rd auntie and my mummy..

i looked soooooo not-like-me in this pic..hihi

my auntie n my papaand of cos, their mummy, my grandma..hihi

Some words for my mummy...

mummy, I know I might not be the best daughter u have but i will try my very best for it and I will love you till the end of the day..
I want to say sorry to you for all the mistakes i did and all the wrong words i said..
I m truely deeply apologize for all my fault and my hot-bad tempered..
thanks for always pampered me and always cover me from daddy for everything, (mummy is the one who always take all the Atom Bomb from daddy then only show the small small bullets to me only)
Last but not least..
Mummy, 辛苦你了。。。
You are really a Superwoman=)

and I love You..muakz

p/s: mummy, stay healthy and pretty forever so that i can love you forever=) ♥♥♥

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