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Monday, May 3, 2010

A getaway to Genting to get some fresh cold air=)

First of all..this is a month back post..hihi..went to genting on 13th n 14th of april..
went there just to get some fresh air and GAmbliiiiiiiing..
*choon yee's fav* hihi

not much thing to do at genting except enjoy the cold _refreshing air..
just some normal activities such as, yum cha-ing at Starbucks, gambling, night walk at rose garden, picture-ing...etc etc...nth special bout it=)

ok let's the picture do the talking...hihi..
*my laziness attacked me again again n again*

the weather that day is super good, cold and windy and a clear blue sky=)

meeee n tho=)

everytime go to genting i will take a picture with this lovely Mary-go-around=)

picture of the day=)

which one better? without spec?

or with spec?hihi

eeping's favourite way to take pic
p/s: according to baby..hihi

another love birds=))

cut his head..

see the blue shirt;s my boy...=)

choon yee, tho, jian and baby boy=))

that's all with the outing..
none of us winning on that day..haha...
nvm, we go try our luck AGAIN..haha

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