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Friday, May 14, 2010

a dAy out with sweet♥ and ♥ly aunty

I wake up at 6.15 today..Y so early? cos I need to go UM to take the second dos of the Hepatitis B aunty be my driver and my sweetheart give me an accompany..
However, end up i did a blood test to check whether the immuneration already activated, didn't manage to take the injection before i Fly to UK=) lol..
**gotta call my mummy to tell her bout this, if not she will worry alot alot bout meee....**

After went out from the UM, we heading to Pyramid to have a walk as my aunty gotta rush to her mother-in-law house to do some, me n my sweet♥ waiting for her inside the Pyramid..
Once we went into the Pyramid, then we get started and wanted to shopping d, this moment, we sweat 99 d??!!! There was a Question pop-out in our mine.. >>> eh??!! How come so less people inside it ar? and so less shops open only geh?
we looked at our watch, it's only 9:48 in the MORning..lolx...No wonder la...
THen we walked walked awhile..getting tiring d..
** since yesterday we chit chatting till 3 or 4 smth i the A.M. then wake up so early @.@ **
We heading to Starbucks to have a morning tea while waiting for the

Dark Mocha + Caramel Latte ♥

my love..

her love..

my phone cover also want to take picture ^^
My sis brought from China=)

my sweetheart^^

with my new Adidas Jacket=)

about two hours later, finally my aunty, sweetheart's mum finally done with her cooking then she came to pyramid to meet us up then we having lunch at BBQ Plaza=))

YUMMY Yummy~p~


here we go~~

my lovely aunty=)
p/s: thanks for the fetching babe...

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