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Thursday, May 6, 2010

the Peak of my heart=)

yesterday going to 1u with baby..
we watched two movies in a day, our first time to do this..haha..
both movie also thumbs up however, personally i like IPman 2 more..haha..not because it is a Chinese movie or it's about the Chinese cultural or anything's simply because of the storyline and the climax of the two hours's really good=)
*salute to those back scene crew*

then we go to take sticker picture again=)
our second time..the first time in on years ago..
my honey *bee* want to keep it cos i ll leave Malaysia in almost one month time, fly to UK for my degree course..just a four months time stay at UK to complete my study..
**I bet he will miss me more than i miss him..haha..**
of cos i will miss him too..

and he bought me a Levi's jean..OMG~~ i m really not good looking in wearing a long jean..sien..
my big butt looked even bigger..swt ==
*emo edi*
if not because of the God damn weather of UK, i swear i will not wear long jean at ALL..arrrrrrggghhhhh~~~!!!!!

okok, now it's time to let the picture do talking..

on the way to 1U=)

this is wat will i usually do in the car=) haha

after talking the sticker picture=)
we camwhored sendiri

outfit of the day=0
nice ar?
this is my 21st bday present from my bunch of frens=)

my baby=)
our new sticker picture

our old one=) two years ago..

da lar~~~
Picture of the day

p/s: baby, it's really nice to spend time together with you all the time.However, we must appreciate the day we have right now before i make my move to UK about one month later on 3rd of June..
I am gonna miss you 99 and i know you will miss me deeply too..
I love you, my honey *bee*

I hope whatever happened last time IT WONT HAPPENED AGAIN..
I dare to swear to God, I wont forgive you for the rest of my life..

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