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Monday, May 3, 2010


dunno since when everyone is talking bout the i-city located at shah alam=)
a new lantern city, can say so...
there was decorated with lots of different lanterns and the main theme shld be Christmas..a white christmas=)

the place was not bad, and lots of people going there just to have a walk and chit chatting around with the surrounding lantern=)

my baby boy fetch me there and it's just a 5minutes drive away from his house=) so, we having dinner with his dad then we heading to i-city for a short walk for the digestion of foods.. *hiakhiak*

Basically, the i-city was not really THAT special as what my frens told's just a new shophouses area with lots of electronic lighting that make the place bcm special and very bright=)
but, it's still a nice place to hang out with frens, family or love one after dinner=)

here are some pics=)

i-city, shah alam..

that's my boy=)


the tallest lantern christmas tree in i-city..

I became taller d also..

nice? hihi..i like it

take 1

take 2

feels like want to pinch him..the lc face.

then dunno wat he doing d...

spot the diffrences..



our leg...

jump jump jump!!!

frog jump!!

best pic of the day=)

my love =)


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