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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my 1 and a half month of working life=)

i m going to update smth bout my previous job=)
i was working as a telemarketeer in Teledirect Telecommerce Sdn.Bhd., it's a outbound call centre. and this company is listed as TOP 5 call centre in malaysia=)
telemarketeer is a job like calling customer selling the insurance for the insurance company, we acted like the third party to call those selected customers and explain the exclusive offer for them, our job is like a talking brochure explaining all the benefits then try to close that sales, if successfully, we got the commission=)that's wat i do everyday in that one and a half month=))

i worked for 1 and a half month then i quit.. cos i think i m not really suitable for working in sales's really not suit me..
however, my team leader, Jeff..he sayang me a lot a lot..keep helping me to catch up everything, helping me to close sales, and always cover me whenever the project manager observed my call..hihi..

my working tag for access and egress..

my formal wear look=)

nothing much to blog about this as well, cos handphone is restricted to bring in to the call floor..hihi..
i think thats all for this post=)

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