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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas - Boxing Day

It's Boxing Day today, suppose unwrapped present at home, (not much to unwrapped either)
Yet, on the way to work with the 'Zombie Mood'
Sien die me..suddenly, so envy those friends who SE office closure until new Year! Even it's force leaves, but at least can rest lo..hihi
Anyway..I had really really fun + good time on my Christmas Eve! 'Even I m sick'

Will post about Christmas soon...stay tuned!
Happy Wednesday !

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A lesson

One year ago, a close friend told me a story regarding how her boyfriend betrayed and cheated her, how cruel his boyfriend is, how bad the boyfriend is, how the boyfriend tell lies without a blink of eyes, despite all, she told me how good the boyfriend treated her,.

After so many arguments, my friend forgives the boyfriend. That’s is because she can’t bear the feeling of letting go, she loves him a lot, a lot.

All the friends surrounding them, can see the boyfriend really loves her, treated her very nice, pampered her a lot. Everything goes well, until today.

Today, she called me up, while I’m busy rushing my measurement. :(

She almost cried out loud once I say Hello, yet, she holds it. But I know that she’s going into pieces, soon.

She told me, she found out that his boyfriend being nice to that stupid bitch that hurt her a lot.She took almost a year to forget how those dramatic things happened to her.

That time, she couldn’t blame all on that stupid bitch, is the boyfriend always flirting with that bitch, that’s how a “drama” that only will happens in movie, happened to my friend. Pity her, being bully by the person she loves all these years.

Today, this kind of stupid thing happened to her again.

She really can’t take it anymore, why want to destroy her life like this?

It’s ok for her if the boyfriend just wanted to be very-super-damn-normal friend with that stupid bitch since they are childhood friend. But she can senses that the boyfriend, again, trying to be nice to that stupid bitch again.

She seems like going to leave the boyfriend, like forever.

Just to confirm that, I ask her, are you ready to let go?

My friend, hesitated, she didn’t answered me.

After a while, she said, Love is sweet but sometimes make people tired too, so I guess she knows what do already.

Sometimes, letting go is a good thing for everyone.
At least, you won’t have a chance to get hurt anymore.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Boring weekend ;(

Hi people... So long never update my blog..dead like dead fish..lolz
Anyway...just a very short post to let u guys know that I m still ALIVE!
Lots of things that happened to me..will update here stay tuned!

Enjoy ur weekend Guys~ I m very boring over this weekend, putting my head in my works. my works like forever kenot finish ;(

Anyway...enjoy ur time!
It's Sunday! rise n shine!
Happy Sunday everyone!!! :)

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the Man ♥

"A guy has to have leadership, yet be humble. He needs to be fierce in protecting but gentle in loving. He has to be brave enough to step up to the challenge and strong enough to admit when he is weak. He doesn’t have to be rich, as long as he has a heart of gold. He doesn’t have to be perfect, but he does have to fight for integrity. A guy with these traits is pretty hard to top."

I'm lucky, I found one ♥

Wednesday, September 12, 2012



但在抱怨的同时,我又想到了一些没没脚的残缺人士,我的心就酸了一下! 然后告诉自己,我已经很幸福了!


所以,要珍惜自己现在拥有的一切! 不要怨天怨地,为什么她有没有??



With Love,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

At this moment, I really hate you do much!
Full stop...

With Love,

Location:Tao Yan Ni!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Raynie & Ah Chew's ROM

the bf's colleagues, Raynie & Chew's ROM was held at Carlton Hotel , Singapore.
We're invited to be the gues *honoured* (:

here's are some of the pics take that day ^^

enjoy reading ;)
the bride is so gorgeous.

the wedding gift from the hotel =)

xiao qi & vivien =)

pei shin & andrew =)

with pretty girls =)

me & bf

bf with his bro =)

pretty right?

first dish

bf with his colleages, all girls =))

stells with her princess =) so cute and pretty

the bf also tumpang wan to carry the baby girl  (kaypo)

 Last but not least ,  Group photo =)
say Cheeseeeee~~

i wish raynie and chew, happily ever after, the journey might not be that smooth, however, just like all the Princess in the fairy tale stories, You two will live happily ever after =)

Desaru Trip , Good Bye Nichole

hi guys, sorry for neglect my blogfor so loooooooooooooooooong, sorry for making your neck become longer and longer.
there were toooooooooo many things happend to me, till I cant even control myself. Ya, i had really miserable life almost a year back.
my relationship, my friendship, and also my works.
the three major thing in my life, rebelled me. tsktsk..if you read my blog, you will know =)

however, all the hardtime has passed, and I am still in one piece. ya, i m stronger now. i m clever now, i will never be that stupid and dumb anymore. ever!

 how its happy time =)
 sorry readers, i know i 've made empty promises to update my blog but i didnt. *sorry*

Here's, i m going to update regarding the long-lost-post, Desaru Trip on MArch. (omg! too far away)

this trip was on MArch fot the farewell for Nichole, she will going for working holidays at New Zealand. this girl is such a brave-bitch. she leaves everthing behind, and just go away with courage in front of her chest!
in mandarin, people say: 胸口挂个勇字,pity the "Submarine" have to wait for her - submarine = nichole's beloved bf. Yes, she went there alone!

Nichole is the first person that i get to know in my ex company. She's very kind, and helpful person.
plus, we stayed very near to each other =)

After she fly to NZ, all of us are seriously not get used to it, especially me. hard to describe how is the feeling, is just that it's really make a different when you're not here with us. See, how important you are! haha

cam-whored (;

on the way ^^

 our resort, kampung feel (:


the submarine & the Zebra =))



那些年,我们在一起的日子(女生版 )

I m drunk =)

= The End =