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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A lesson

One year ago, a close friend told me a story regarding how her boyfriend betrayed and cheated her, how cruel his boyfriend is, how bad the boyfriend is, how the boyfriend tell lies without a blink of eyes, despite all, she told me how good the boyfriend treated her,.

After so many arguments, my friend forgives the boyfriend. That’s is because she can’t bear the feeling of letting go, she loves him a lot, a lot.

All the friends surrounding them, can see the boyfriend really loves her, treated her very nice, pampered her a lot. Everything goes well, until today.

Today, she called me up, while I’m busy rushing my measurement. :(

She almost cried out loud once I say Hello, yet, she holds it. But I know that she’s going into pieces, soon.

She told me, she found out that his boyfriend being nice to that stupid bitch that hurt her a lot.She took almost a year to forget how those dramatic things happened to her.

That time, she couldn’t blame all on that stupid bitch, is the boyfriend always flirting with that bitch, that’s how a “drama” that only will happens in movie, happened to my friend. Pity her, being bully by the person she loves all these years.

Today, this kind of stupid thing happened to her again.

She really can’t take it anymore, why want to destroy her life like this?

It’s ok for her if the boyfriend just wanted to be very-super-damn-normal friend with that stupid bitch since they are childhood friend. But she can senses that the boyfriend, again, trying to be nice to that stupid bitch again.

She seems like going to leave the boyfriend, like forever.

Just to confirm that, I ask her, are you ready to let go?

My friend, hesitated, she didn’t answered me.

After a while, she said, Love is sweet but sometimes make people tired too, so I guess she knows what do already.

Sometimes, letting go is a good thing for everyone.
At least, you won’t have a chance to get hurt anymore.

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