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Monday, April 29, 2013

emo post from bff

p/s: - a post from my friend, my best friend!so long no posting, here come a emo post from my bff.

I am quite emo since last night, I don’t know why, all the bad memories flashed back in my mind.

Those dark period which make me thinks that my life is super miserable, the darkest period that I think even the man who sleep besides you everyday will also do something bad behind you, even in front of you he’s just so normal till you can’t found out anything.


Everything started since 2010 march, still remember that time I m going to Oversea to further study soon.

So we try to spend more time together as we are going to separate from each other for half a year.

So, that’s when I found out that the first lies between you n me.

Secondly, about the Starbucks diary book. I used to love the diary book very much, but now, I hate it.

Cos I don’t want to have the same diary book with someone I don’t like and someone that you begged her to take it as a present! I just cant take it that the diary book that u begged her to take, she don’t even appreciate it, but on the other hands I treat it as my precious present from you. I remember I told u that I will record every single moment of us, I will write down every sweet memories of us in that diary book. But now, when I saw it, it just brought up my mad memories.

I forgive you, for these two mistakes that you’ve made.

I thought that you promised me that u won’t make me cry again, you said, u will never let me tears falls on my face again. I, believe in you.

After 1 years, things happened again. This time even worst!

I’m betraying by you and a friend of u who I know her too. That was the darkest period in my life! Everything is just so dramatic till that stupid bitch sending anonymous email asking me to leave you and asking me out for discussion! How dare her and how stupid she is! She keeps on bully me, and where are you? you are still thinking that she’s not that way, she’s not that “poison”, u r still thinking that she’s so pure, like an angel! Fuck! If she was an angel, then I’m the Lord! *sorry*

And you! What are you? A jerk? A bastard? I can’t even think a word that suits u, not even monster, you are even worse than that!

A man who sleep besides me every day, every night, a man who acts like so loving all the time! I give you everything, and this is what you reward me!

Thanks for giving me a chance to learn this! Make me growing up thru this! Thank you so much!

Well, After so many arguments, so much discussion, we compromise!

I will give u one last chance! I don’t know y I m so soft-hearted, just because I love u, I don’t want to end the relationship this way!

So, we are back together!

Everything is normal, and I told u I can’t really react like normal anymore, at least not so soon. You said you will bear with me till the day I can accept you as the whole.

Ok, time flies, and that scandal half year passed. Here come another bitches! Well, I know, u started first! U likes to flirt with new girls don’t you? That’s how u make those bitches like to flirt with u back! Woohoo~~ congratez you’re still charming! Still charming even you’ve a gf. Well , good thing huh??!!

Sometimes, U always said u didn’t hiding anything from me, u said u just forget to tell me. I accepted this statement. This is simply because I don’t want to know more about it, cos if I found out more, I will be more n more sad, more n more miserable! People said, as a woman, sometimes must act blur, happy go lucky is the best! Anyway! I Just can’t help it but I m trying to be like that. Women gets more happy in that state!

After another year, things seems good, u went to oversea to work! I stay here all alone with the empty room. Definitely will miss you, but somehow, I’m happy! Cos I can do whatever I like, of course not doing bad things! Still, miss you so much!

I like the current you, cos I can feel that you’re back! The real you. The one before the darkest period attacked me. I can feel your true loves, I can feel that ur effort in building our future, I can feel your sincerity!

Even u r so many miles away, I cant see i cant know what’s really happening right there, but now I’ve faith in you!

I love u, may things turn good for our future, if can.

Thanks Lord for let me survive from that I’ve been thru and thanks Lord for saving his life, for destroy the monster-bastard-jerking part!

Thank you.

- thanks for reading. THE END


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