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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gals outing^^ on 08102009

Last two weeks, had an outing with my girlfriends who is Steph and Ice..XD
It's been quite a long time that 3 of us din hang out together edi..Well, timing problems again..All busy with self-thingy so seldom to meet up together although all are staying at the same area..XD ** how funny it is**

Actually , it was an belated bday celebration for me but then no cake no bday songs, just a normal sing k session and we had fun..XD *cake is very very fattening 1, not really like it *

sista Steph

sista Ice


sing until so Syok~~



huh???? pitching run edi?XD

Group pic =)
take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

take 5
p/s: i like this=)
take 6 =)

take 7 =)

after the several take, we decided to ask somebody else to help us take a nice pic..
now and forever...
steph's half face gone..XD

focus on the middle 1..~.^

act cute ~.~

picture of the day ^^

p/s: this was an awesome outing with lots of fun and done some crazy things as well...~~hiakhiak~~

i like the way we sing the " GEt high- F.I.R and also the "Boom booom Pow"
omg~~ it's just hot..XD
hope can hang out with u guy very very soon...again...
last but not least..
thanks for being fren with me just like sister of mine..
Treat me well, take care of me, concern about me and etc etc etc....
a Simple thx credit to both of you...
*a big bow*

1 more thing..
after the sing k session, we are heading to the club with bunch of frens...
have a great dancing stage and nice interior design but the music wasn't good enuf.. not really satisfied...sigh...
overall still ok so lor...

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