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Saturday, November 21, 2009

a short note for my sweetheart

Dear my sweetheart,

I just read your post.
Well, you noe me well and u did noe that i ll comfort you after i read your post...
But, i gotta apologize to you that I m so so sorry for not always been there for you whenever u need someone to talk too..** my heart fills with tonnes of guiltiness right now**
I m knada busy with my final year project right now, I went to Malacca just for a case study and i will go to Sungai Buloh for another case study too..So, i m really really busy right here...I hope u understanding me..My study is really really important to me..But, You are important to me too..

Actually i dunno wat i should tell you to comfort you..Just to let u know that Your mum and dad is really love you..Although they both not really good in presenting their love for u, the y do love you as the way the love ur brother.
They didn't mention it, doesn't mean they do not love you, just like my parents.
Everytime I got good result, even i got scholarship, they never say i m good and never give some present just to encourage me..But, i know they love me even they did not show it out..
Based on statistic from oversea, Asian people really hard to Say I Love You than those ang mo out there. So, we are Asian, our parents are Asian..of cos have certain level of so called "Asian-ness" XD [I hope you will get wat i mean....]

All I want to say is,Sweetheart, dun be so emo, cheers up^^
If something you can do for ur family now, just do it while u are stay at home. If u are not stay with your family, i m sure u will get homesick, a serious wan..Just like me...
I cant stand there and just looks at my mum carry those heavy things, see my dad wash the trailer by its own, I do wish i was there to help them do all the things, dun want them work so hard, I always do..

Cheers up sweetheart ^^
If u want someone to talk to, you noe i will always be there for you. I will talk to you no matter how busy I am..

with Love,

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