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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I went to watch a show last night with bunch of frens..
6 of us incluidng pei jiun, wilson, bing yao, wanting , hui min and me..
We got the Premier show ticket for [The Treasure Hunter]
so, 不看白不看, go watch it although PED havent done..hiakhiak~~
this show will only upcoming on this thursday, but we got chance to watch it first...XD
thankies to pei jiun <3<3<3 thx for the ticket..

It is a 2 hours movie but, it was not a nice show, can say to be a very bad movie star...
and i dunno wat is "ling zhi ling" doing inside there besides stand like a Vase--花瓶...but got 1 part she turns become wild and want to kill Jay chou...Xd that is the most funny part, all of us laugh like Hell...hahaahahha
pei jiun love the Wild Ling zhi Ling so muchie...haha

okla, just a small update bout the movie..
and now gotta settle my ped 1st then only cna enjoy tonight de BBQ party...XD

and my sweetheart is now at langkawi enjoy herself, wearing bikini and walking around the seaside, enjoy the sea waves, the winds and the scene....
enjoy ur trip baby..
and rmb....bring back chocolate for me k?
is a must...XD

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