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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Group A {F.A.M.I.L.Y} portrait

Finally our group got a chance to take a family portrait are some pictures^^
Personally heart all these picture so much..XD
ok...let the picture do talking^^

we take this picture without our Course Rep..cos he is LATE...
SEriously, late for half and hour...XD

serious face XD

this one took on the other day..with our Beloved Dr. Bobby..can you guy point out which 1 is our lecturer??^^

Finally Alex is coming...hihi..this is the only one got Alex inside...XD

everyone's shock face @.@

tak tau ada apa kat sana???hihi

IraQ got lawyer twin sister, but Msia also got building twin brother...


boys showing their pretty shoe..T.T without gals...sad case...XD

Actually got lots more to go..share with you guys when i get all the picture k?^^

p/s: i m so glad that i found u guys in my 4 years study life In TAR college...heart you guys...XD

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