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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

i watched Sherlock Holmes with baby boy just now..
Well, its a really nice movie...haha...same as avatar , both also nice movie..
But this 1 is more on detective style movie, finding clues for investigation and every scene become more n more interesting..XD
Sherlock Holmes is on the big screen!!

and its a bit funny as well as they way they talking and they way two of the main characters which is Sherlock Holmes and his good buddy, Watson talking to each other...^^

today, 31/12/2009, as the last day of 2009..
What do you guys think? A new year will coming very very soon as the Day after Tomorrow..
what had you guys done and what havent done?
Oh my!!
i cant really think of wat i had done and what havent done, i just think about what done nicely and what goes worst? lolx

okok, no more lung-language (废话)..
tomoro will going up to the Hill, Genting if the plan going smoothly...Xd
and, the second plan as the same as Christmas--->The curve...A bit sien edi but then if all my frens say yes, then go there lo as i wish to countdown with bunch of my classmates.
Tomoro, i will officially introduce the boyfriend to my gang although they all like know him very well..through stories....hihi...

ok, its getting late edi..i gotta settle my Final checking for my Final Year Project as hope my hardcover binding can be done before 7th of Jan...God, bless-ing me plz...


Happy New Year to you all who is reading my blog..Xd the for viewing and keep going be my supporter although I m not really update my blog Frequently..hihi...

Let's waiting for a Better 2010...


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