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Monday, January 4, 2010

R.I.P my lovely Starbucks Bottle..

today wasn't my day at all..
PED kena reject, whole course failed this assignment..Wat's wrong with that fxxking Gun (Gan)..No ones know wat he really wants..Not talking bout me, alone, now is talking about the whole course..damn it.. I have to redo, submit on this coming time to study at all edi, exam starts at next friday..lots of things need to Gan, i really really have no idea with wat's going with him..hmph~~~

and the worse thing is My lovely Starbucks bottle suicided..He killed himself..sad case T.T
i love him so so much, and today is 2months we are bonding together..but now, he is gone...
i just can keep in my memory.. kenot use it anymore cos the bottle is leaking edi...cant fill in water anymore..He leaved me....T.T heart is mothereffing pain right now..

But now, i gotta start to think how to redo my PED so that I can pass and fly to UK on May for 3 months Summer Course Programme..

Dear Lords, pls...I m begging You..With Your blessing, hope Me and all of my frens can pass the marking scheme of that FXxking Gan and go to UK on MAy...

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