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Monday, January 18, 2010

Second Paper--Project Managament II

today's paper was ok only i think..
maximum cna get only 75marks, cos I miss 1 question..
lost 25 marks as I totally din study on that topic
But....Luckily got my LUcky star, haha, sister hui min, she is the one...she provides me some answer...lolx...
First time ask ppl answer in exam hall...actually, not really ask la, it just like, she shows me some points then i write my ownself by my own words lo..Not consider as copy is it?haha
anyhow, I M sorry to do that but NO CHOICE, i dun want to lost that 25marks =)

2down, 1 to go...
wish me good luck to my final final final paper =)
p/s: hope i wont miss any topic for this paper XD

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