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Friday, January 15, 2010

First Paper--Contract Administrater II

First of all, this is the third last exam paper for my final semester final year..
*feels like a bit, dun wanna to leave my college*

today paper was not bad la, I know how to do all the question, summore provide answer for my "neighbour"..lolx

But, the main issue is TIME...i got no time to finish all...OMG, I am run out of time, i used last 15 minutes write out the answer for the last question, a 25marks question.
haih...i think the answer i write out not really good enuf as lack of elaboration for the cluase i put in..Hopefully *big waterly eyes* , the Ar. Wong will give marks on that..XD

[Ar. Wong..Ar. Wong...please la...i noe you are such a nice a good man, give me marks..haha...You looks really young and charm, and leng chai ]**sometimes when he is not mad**

okla, i shall make my move now to study for my next subject..

Dear Lords, hope I will pass all my paper, *of cos not only PASS*
get good result, make my family be proud of me just like they always do..XD
God: =.='''

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