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Monday, January 25, 2010

Genting-ing after finish the very last exam paper for my Four years College life=)

Well, my last paper was not really doing good i think..
Aiks, dunno wat's happen to me on this sem exam paper..All like not really doing good..haih..Scare wei...I scare cant graduate from the college, then cant fly to UK...shit @#$%^^*#@## i dun want this happen to me..I swear I can do anything just to get a good result and fly to UK get my Degree in Construction Management, become a QS, Purchaser, Project Planner, Site Manager then Project manager, etc etc...I hope i really can do so...

ok, better dun talk bout this=)

after the last paper, i went to Genting with baby and his bunch of frens, say wan to celebration one of his fren's bday, but end up, spent whole night inside the Adult theme Park [Casino] =)
inculding the Bday Boy himself..lolx

Me and baby, gambling a little while get angpao from The Casino edi, went to Starbucks Yumcha yumcha, then only go in gambling again..haha
got win a little bit, and baby spent all money the earn on me..thankx baby for the ANOTHER Starbucks tumbler, I like this one more than the RIP one cos of the meaning and A simple LIKE=)

overnight at Genting as baby boy got a Free room with his Genting World Card..good job, Baby..
*thumbs up *

We going back the KL on early of the next morning as i gotta ruch for another outing with my college frens, so called BFFs...I had a great 2 days 1 night trip to Sekeping Serendah=) *will update it later*

I have to say sorry to Jian and Tho [the LOVE bird],as cos of Me, u guys gotta come back early in the morning cos my bf fetch me back..
Sorry for the room, as can stay longer inside it,,haha
Special A million thankx
to my Dearest Honey *bee*
as he have to wake up early in the morning and fecth me back to KL, and thankx for the Suprise [another Starbucks Tumbler] I like LOVe it muchie...

okok, now let the picture do talking =)

Starbucks is LOVE..

two bros=)

That's my boyfriend=) muakz..


personally, like this picture so muchie=)
outfit of the day=)

bought it at Genting=) heart it...

Yeng-ly emoing..

the Cute and Sweetsweet Love birds=)

this so called Double dates=)

PIcture of the DAy *LOVE*

p/s: thanks for the suprise baby, love you deep deep =)

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